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Pong NET

We've got a new chat in town here This one even lets you play Pong with others while you chat!

Start Pong

Warning! Because of a bug in IE 5.00 your browser may lockup, forcing you to reboot. Pong works fine in all other browsers. Internet Explorer 5.00 has a known bug, when you go to close the Pong window that will most likely lock up your browser. If you have IE 5.00 I suggest getting the upgrade patch to fix your browser Here. Netscape will work fine, as well as IE 4 or IE 5.01+.

Pong Instructions:

When playing pong, you are the white paddle, your opponent is the gray. Use the down and up arrow keys to manuever paddle, the left and right arrows to defend and charge. To chat IN-GAME press RETURN, type your message and return again. Hit the Q key to quit back to the pong lobby. Have fun, this is just a simple test game we put together, more engaging multi-player java games to come!

Pong NET was a joint project developed by Lamster The Hamster, and Johnny_Vegas.

If you prefer the old school chat room go here