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"You guys are all gayer than ORC"

#1 Johnny_Vegas ([15680]
#2 Mark4 <font color=red><i>(BR.COM Admin)</i></font>[15681]
Quote from an email Johnny just sent me "Post it for the love of God man! My reload button is breaking!"
#3 T.T.Boy ([15682]
Darn 3rd, but first non-site administrator comment, Yippie!
#4 SnowSquall ([15684]
Not bad Mark4. You've got some potential as a BR writer, but don't let it go to your head.


#5 HolyAnarchy{GK} ([15685]
Heh, I kinda thought you were AQD3, oh well...maybe one of these times we can play now mark. Great BR, in this one, no pictures were really needed, you described all the battles well. 8.5
#6 Eggfoo-young/Dabel ([15686]
No text. non needed.
#7 Johnny_Vegas <font color=red><i>(BR.COM Admin)</i></font>[15687]
That game kicked major ass. =] Damn man, your psi storms were freaking killer. I think ANYONE playing you on dire should have one thought in mind, and one thought only. KILL THE High TEMPS. If Ape had gotten a few SV like I did, they would have been better off. The difference in the game was the spellcasting. They had way more units than we did, but they didn't get any Science Vessels, Ghosts, Queens or Defilers to turn the tide. The game was great and so was the battle report. I think the average reader will be held in suspense through out the whole thing.

#8 Johnny_Vegas <font color=red><i>(BR.COM Admin)</i></font>[15688]
oh, on matters of good principle I'm going to refrain from rating this, as I know I would definitely be biased!
#9 SnowSquall ([15690]
Well I'll rate it for you Johnny, and give it a 9. :) Of course I'm biased too, since I write text-only reports as well... so I really get into a well written one such as this.
#10 Khorne_wargod ([15693]
Spells would have helped team ape so much. Ensnare would have got the cloaked wriaths, broodling obviously the temps and tanks defiler DS hydras plague wraiths, sci vessel EMP irridate temps, ghosts lockdown wriaths etc.
#11 Khorne_wargod ([15694]
Spells would have helped team ape so much. Ensnare would have got the cloaked wriaths, broodling obviously the temps and tanks defiler DS hydras plague wraiths, sci vessel EMP irridate temps, ghosts lockdown wriaths etc.

Join club nohunters
#12 Johnny_Vegas ([15697]
Well Khorne I agree with you, except for the ghosts locking down wraiths part. That's not a really good use for lockdown in most situations. Prolly irradiate and EMP would have helped most. And I take back what I said about the queens. Queens would be too much of an irradiate target for me to be cost effective. =] Unless he was sneaky I guess.
#13 TheRubberDucky ([15698]
This battlereport sucks total ass.

#14 T_Mac ([15700]
#15 Rychean ([15701]
Hey there mak4! I beleive it is Sqick not Squick, unless of course it is someone other than Sqick in which case it might actually be Squick, but in my experience it is Sqick. Although Sqick may have been smurfing as Squick; I heard he was tired of the name recognition he had as Sqick. j/k :)

Nice Report BTW!
#16 [FLS]prozerran[15702]
You know why I love reading Mark's battle reports?

I can see the picture just thru reading the text! and... hehe finally probe and I both knew wassup with Team Vegas! hehehe. First few games with the return of DBcas.

If you dun get it dun bother to try. :)
#17 Silent Strike ([15705]

Talk about off..
I thought Mark4 was like 24, and AQ about 18. I didn't have the slightest clue as to AQ = Mark4.

#18 AQD3[15706]
I've seen Squick as Sqick, Squick, Sqi, etc... This game he was actually SQ6, so I went with Squick.
#19 Mark4 ([15707]
I thought you suspected a little. When we played those two games close together. That one game I played you for the Case's Ladder as Mark4. Then I played you later on that day as AQD3. You made some remarks which sort of led me to believe you suspected... oh well.
#20 [5th]garett ([15708]
Ahh i didnt know heh,aqd3 no wonder u were so good :)
#21 [5th]Krebster ([15710]
Hah i knew all along =] Nice report similar to the style of AQD...oh yeah forgot n/m
#22 Mark4 ([15711]
One thing about this being all text. You ever play one os those games where you just played great? And your partner was even better? And then you say "You know someone should write a battle report on that!"?

But you forget to take any screenshots. Then Johnny makes you write it anyway =]. What I wouldn't give for remembering to hit print screen during that last set of psi storms!
#23 IceShadow ([15712]
Hmm...I wonder why AQD3 got mostly 7.0's on his text-only reports...and once it comes out he's Mark4, he gets a 8.5... ;)

Not that it doesn't deserve it. In fact, I think most of the others you've done as AQD3 deserve higher than's just interesting to see that a respected name might add a point and a half to yer rating. ;)

Ice (the always unpopular) Shadow
#24 Mark4 ([15713]
Just for the record, only a few people knew. Johnny and YRM of course. Shockwave, cuz I had to let him know to talk strats. T_mac, cuz Johnny whispers him one day and says "You beat Mark4 in ladder when he was smurfing as AQD3? Whoops!". Persian cuz he played a great game with me one day and he kept saying how I (AQD3) should play Mark4 and I was better than him =]. FLS cuz he's a nosy little bastard =].
#25 Mark4 ([15715]
Ice, If you go back and read the AQD3 reports you'll see that some have a lot more effort put in them and are much closer games than others. The ones that scored low were one sided beatdowns for the most part. The higher ones were intense, close games like the one in this report. At least that's how I see it...
#26 ([15716]
Everyone here that thinks they knew... hahahaha... that's funny. Go back and reread comments on AQD3 reports... it's funny.

Mark4 busts on AQD3, and I tell Mark to lay off the new guy... at first, I taunted AQD3 to post so that we'd see the IP address of Mark4, but Mark4 had JV make an IP-less title for AQD3. LOL!!! At first, just me, Mark4 and Johnny knew.

There's one report where me and Mark4 played as 1BadMamaJama and AQD3... I bust on Mama in the comments and he busts on AQD3. heh

My favorite line in this report:
"I love you Johnny, in the entirely heterosexual way that one man can love another man for his starcraft ability."

IceShadow... this report was a little longer, a little more detailed, a little funnier, a little more interesting due to the revalation, and finally, it was a detailed 2-2 battle rather than a 1-1. Maybe that had more to do with the slight bump than the name. I got a 10 posting as an unknown for a day before revealing myself on my last report.
#27 IceShadow ([15717]
Hmm. I take it back. Upon re-reading it (and trying to stop laughing enough to type), I would definately say this is a step up from previous reports. Still, IMVHO, the last ones deserved a 8.5 and this one deserves a 9...but then, maybe I just dun think of needing the pretty pictures. :P

Ice (the always cynical and most often wrong) Shadow
#28 JSH ([15718]
Holy crap, Mark4 is AQD3?

Hmm I wonder who other people could be? *looks around suspiciously*

No wonder AQD3 didn't have a domain name in his comments. :)

I also think it's funny now how Mark would comment on AQD3's reports and say things like "bleh, this guy made nothing but dragoons" :)

BTW, what does AQD3 stand for?
#29 TheRubberDucky ([15721]
From my understanding mark4 = aqd3. That means YourRoleModel is a dirty lying scoundral. I had my beliefs, but he destroyed them when he told my Aqd3 > Mark4 =]

However I think I can beat Aqd3, but not Mark4. Damn.
#30 TheRubberDucky ([15723]
#31 ([15725]
Johnny, Mark4? How come you aren't using your staff tags??? I'm like... the only one I see using it.
#32 ([15726]
Look a staff tag!
#33 Mark4 ([15727]
I'm my own worst critic JSH. I've never thought of myself as being that good so it was easy to criticize my reports =]. AQD3 is an account processing code for a certain unit at Fort Bragg. It doesn't mean anything to anybody except me and a few financial weenies.
#34 ([15728]
Yes, I am a scoundrel.
#35 SuperGeneral ([15730]
These are the kind of games that makes me wish for a better modem.

-Super'no obs!'General
#36 DFA ([15731]
Well I think this was a better report than all the AQD3 reports, only because it had color=) but really it was better imo, the writing was much clearer and told the battle well i followed it well which tells you it was good.
So WHO ELSE IS SMURFIN, i think i will make a name called..hmm uhh it's a secret.
BTW- does anyone know how to get a Key for battlenet for a back up BW cd i have=) My CD is still in the enemys hands so i'll have to use my backup CD..any ideas on how this can be done or if it can be done?
Great report, but should get a higher rating than 7ish

#37 T.T.Boy ([15734]
I knew too. Finally I can let out the ADQ3 = Mark4. Trying to keep the secret had me all bent out of shape, whoo boy that is a big load of my mind that I don't constantly have to worry that I might slip up and let the cat out of the bag.

Just kidding, tell me more secrets, I can keep them, really.

Great report Mark4. Back when I rated the ADQ3 reports I did not know the secret, and I need to go read my comments on the ADQ3 reports to make sure, but if memory served "I loved 'em". Loved the strategy and the exciting battles and the ladder climb, and the honorable way you played. Keep it up.
#38 Alita99 (dhcp216-150.URel.Berkeley.EDU)[15736]

AQD3 whispered to me long ago saying that he knew me and gave some strategy suggestions to me a while back.

... and no, I'M not Ducky! =p
#39 Uhh Mark! ([15737]
Report was good, game was ok, but u made a mistake.

I was zerg not terran :)

gg fellas, and as always, a pleasure
#40 Dev ([15739]
That would explain why AQD3 and YRM were so damn eager to play against me when I wandered into nohunters as Tyderis. Hmmm. Looking for an easy win?
#41 IceShadow ([15740]
DFA: From my understanding, there's no way to get a second valid CD key. Basically, it's illegal, as having more than one copy of a game running on different machines tends to be. The keys are generated from an algorithm which can produce hundreds of millions or billions of "valid" keys, and Blizzard keeps a list of all keys that have gone out with the final packaged game. Key generators do exist (I've seen them...), but your chances of randomly creating a valid key--one that Blizzard has shipped with a game--are somewhere near 1:1000 (according to my estimate).

Besides...even if you did get a valid key, you'd be taking away someone else's ability to play online. That's hardly nice. :P My best advice would be to get your CD back from your "enemy," or somehow get him to stop playing your game with your key.

Ice (still probably wrong) Shadow
#42 Whoop ([15743]
Damnit I knew ADQ3 and Johnny were too damn friendly. Also I knew something was wrong when me an Mr AQ played a 2v2 and he outresourced me :(

I thought AQ was a smurf but I wouldnt have guessed you Mark. I thought it was Pro-Zerg come back. The references to my almighty skillz were a little too blatent to be real. I liked em anyways :)

Still though that quote about not giving up was da best.

Ronin sux
#43 Whoop ([15745]
Damnit I knew ADQ3 and Johnny were too damn friendly. Also I knew something was wrong when me an Mr AQ played a 2v2 and he outresourced me :(

I thought AQ was a smurf but I wouldnt have guessed you Mark. I thought it was Pro-Zerg come back. The references to my almighty skillz were a little too blatent to be real. I liked em anyways :)

Still though that quote about not giving up was da best.

Ronin sux
#44 AnderKryst ([15746]
DFA: Do you know your original key? Here's what you do:

Talk to Blizz Tech Support, report that someone is logged under your old key. They'll send out a piece of paper about a week or so later with a new key...

At least, that's how it worked when I purchased the game. I had my game for two hours, tried to log on, and some bastard already had my key. Man I was sooooo (insert choice words here) pissed. So I did the above procedure, and no problems have arisen since.

Of course, that does mean:

--De-installing the whole game.
--No during this time (unless you want to try to logon).

Hope this helps...

#45 Mark4 ([15748]
Whoop, you remember that game I watched where you beat Ahscar? That seriously impressed me. Your macro is always godly, and that set of tactics you used was great. Anything I said about respect for your skill was the truth.

You got me back in the habit of doing psi raids, which has really made a difference in quite a few ladder games.

The 3-4 probe and 4 zeal quick hatchery killer tactic became my standard anti zerg opening.

I try to model my macro off your play.

So in short, yes I really do think you're that good.
#46 [FLS]prozerran[15749]
I knew Mark4=dbcas first, then found out aqd3=dbcas

There was one night when I broke out from my (somewhat) retirement, found Johnny and in rejoice, cried out for a 2v2 with my ever favorite partner Vegas. To my demise Johnny refused cuz "his partner is coming". I was like OMFG and whisper Johnny if that would be his wife, or Mark4, simply because they could be the only two who may drive Johnny's attention from me! (hehe)

Well he said it's mark and 3 seconds later dbcas came in and played me and probe. =]
#47 TheRubberDucky ([15754]
Let's analyze this.

So far, A~Butter~Slicer = ~CattleBruiser~
?-?-? (Stupid nick name if u ask me) = YourRoleModel
Mark4 = dbcas = aqd3 = TheRubberDucky
ProZerg~Hybrid = X'Ds~Grrr...
RubyButDeckHer = UpgradedKakaru being gay or Alita99
#48 Persian-POW ([15755]
Cool, you told everyone. Well, I guess I can't pretend I'm important anymore now that the secrets out.
Going to read BR now.
#49 Mark4 ([15756]
Didn't I just read something about TRD likes dressing up in women's clothes or something? Wierd, I don't know where I'd get that...
#50 Alita99 (dhcp216-150.URel.Berkeley.EDU)[15760]
Gosh Mark4,

You like wearing women's clothing? We should talk (even if it's about the latest fashions) !

Maybe Mark4 is the "masculine" side of one individual and TheRubberDucky/RubyButDeckHer is the "feminine" side of the same individual! It's good that you're getting in touch with your feminine side, Mark4, but really, we should talk about all this.

#51 Bob the Newt ([15764]
ACK. I should've put it together by now, : Really good, only toss, anti-social, of course it's Mark.

doh me is dumb.
#52 TheRubberDucky ([15769]
No. Bob_The_Newt is also Fractal_Wave
#53 ([15773]
Urgh... had to post this in the "old" site... the "new" site's comments aren't appearing...

I was 1BadMamaJama too TRD. And you are one sick boy... btw, did you ruin my thread in the forum on purpose?

OMG!!! I just read this... AQD3 is Mark4???
#54 Blind Observer (dean121.COE.Berkeley.EDU)[15774]
Nice of you to tell everyone that AQD3 and Mark4 are one and the same guy. I've always respected both. However, I figured ahead of time about your smurf. On the broodwar forum, you left links to your battlereports under the screenname Mark4 but the links led to games under your AQD3 screenname.

I really would like to play you sometime even though I'll probably lose

I suck. Man, I wish I could play protoss like you.
#55 1badassmarine ([15775]
Oh my f*cking God. I got to play against Mark4 in the BW tourney. (needless to say, I LOST) Well at least I feel better losing to someone that is respected as good, solid StarCraft player. Hhhhmmmmm....So that was why Mark4 asked for odds against my beating AQD3....He knew he was gonna work me....

#56 ([15777]
Actually Johnny_Vegas=YourRoleModel. Yes the same person that wrote all those fantastic reports also created this site. Johnny is a master programmer and a graphics expert! Ok, I only wish.. hehe
#57 Mark4 ([15779]
One thing Blind Observer. I'm the PR guy for the site, so my posting links to someone elses report isn't unusual. I post links to YRMs reports, Heartcutter's reports, and a few others. Basically if you see a nine+ report and I link it don't assume it's me =]
#58 Drefsab ([15782]
So Mark4, you are the one that started me on my 5 game ladder skid. That skid cost me approximately 125 ladder points and stuck me at 1050 to stay. hehe, no hard feelings.

#59 [15786]
Mark4 has stabbed everyone in the back with his ruthless underhanded smurfing ways. I say we get em!!
#60 Fractal_Wave ([15793]
I had an inkling that Mark4 = & bob played AQD3 & 1_BMJ....& got worked, but we have an excuse (talk when you unpause mark!:).

A few days later, YRM told me that YRM = 1BMJ...& i was curious as to why they'd play together...I also noticed that YRM's Protoss got really damn good....

Mark4 = Protoss...YRM = Protoss...

Then, me & SnowSquall vs. YRM & AQD3 sort of put the nail in the coffin...

But I was never sure...

Godly report, as per usual mark. me & snow want a rematch.


All the best,
#61 TheRubberDucky ([15798]
Shuttup bob
#62 DFA ([15799]
Ander/Shadow: Thanx, The situ i am in is i bought the pack of SC/BW together and tried to get a copy back up for the BW CD (hehe) Well the kid i trusted to do it, well is a lazy piece of shit, it's been like 3-4 months now, and he has the CD and the CD case with him! so i'm screwed. i'll just end up buying the game again. right after i Psi Storm his car!! muwhahahaha

#63 soulsplitter' ([15802]
POw ur ass is gonna die, you should of told me,gg by the way, i almost had you. And, oops, i think i told AQ how bad i kicked mark4's ass one time and how mark4 was an idiot
uhhhhhhhhhhhh....i was just kidding??
#64 TheRubberDucky ([15805]
Ugh...Don't you hate when that happens?
#65 Alita99 ([15810]
*pats Ducky on the head*
#66 DFA ([15812]
"What if his car is in a covered parking lot-type building thing?"

You mean a Parking Garage? oh ok, just making sure =) heh

#67 Longlivethemac ([15831]
The source code posting by the fake YRM must stop. It took to long to scroll down and say this report sucks ;)
#68 Persian-POW ([15837]
I know Johnny holds the banning key so I say its about time he uses it. I and everyone else, I'm sure, is sick of this "YRM source code" terrorist(hehe) person.

Again, Johnny use the key!!!
#69 Von Doom ([15852]
Mark4.. so youre AQD3..
Ive read some of yer reports, but since U popped out like 5 day, I dident bother to read all of them.. but U bet I would have if U signed it Mark4..
so there is the thing about being famous..
this was 9.3 though..
#70 ([15875]
WOW! Someone called my protoss good? Most people just like to watch me play so they can take shots at how crappy I am.

Mark4 just makes his partner's look good, that's all.
#71 Hannibal ([15876]
Great stuff. Johnny, this is the first report I see you in it that kick so much ass. :) If only the other team goes mass SVs and ultra drop!!! Ultra drop on island is always "da bomb".
#72 AnderKryst ([15880]
DFA: Was just trying to save you money :) On the other hand, knowing Blizzard's um...response time, I'd probably be willing to blow the $50 (or whatever) on a new CD.
#73 SnowSquall ([15892]
Johnny = god, in games that I'm not watching. Everytime I watch, he gets double rushed and knocked out early. :(

Oh well some day I'll see the Nuke Rush(tm) in action.
#74 Ronin ([15894]
WB mr4. i must admit i had a feeling you were ad... when i heard about that game between u and bear-with-gas and what went on there. anyways this is the first time i've seen the site and it looks very nice. YRM you are quite good at what u do. johnny you still sux :]

as for whoop...i'll get u my pretty and ur little ice too!
#75 TheRubberDucky ([15901]
Sorry about that comment up there that had the comments out of whack for a few hours, it was an honest mistake =[

Thank god JV fixed it, even though I have the distinct feeling I'm banned =[
#76 Will ([15915]
Good team work on both sides.
#77 ([15918]
There was another... NON-DUCKY comment where someone pasted the entire sourcecode into a comment. The TRD comment just stretched it a bit...

Stretching = annoying but honest mistakes happen... no big deal...

Pasting the whole site into a comment = different story.

I don't think that was you Duck.
#78 <font color="#FF0000">Twip</font><font color="#333333"> (port-3-43-56k.gallipoli[15921]
<font color="#FF0000" size="2">Oh I knew it was Mark4 all along. Yup. Uh-huh. *nooo clue*

Mark4 = god

#79 Twip ([15922]
Ack. Now I have to re-write my program. :(
#80 TheRubberDucky ([15940]
Oh realy? Who was that? It certainly wasn't me! Atleast I hope no one thinks it was me, that would suck =[
#81 (fjwilson.reshall.uc[15943]
I had absolutely no clue AQD3=Mark4. Though I am really happy to know what AQD3 stands for now!!! And now I can say I beat AQD3 by a carrier rush on land... I'll never let you forget that game Mark4!
#82 Fractal_Wave ([15959]
YRM's Protoss >>> Fractal_WAve 24 /7

& .Praetor = my hero.

All the best,
#83 TheRubberDucky ([15961]
dude praetor cant be your hero cuz hes mine
#84 patheto ([16475]
wuhuhuhu! GOOD br. almost up to AQD3's. but u wanna see the master of smurf? try whoop. his various smurf names include chobo'of'doom, toss-a-roni, el-retardo'loco, amplitude-x, and probably countless more. And yes, I'd like to see the match mark4 vs. dbcas
#85 I-ball ([18119]
well i read like 30 comments, none about the battle report though, basicly just 1 big ass conversation =
#86 Krebster[24518]
someone hurt i-ball
#87 sam[130746]
#88 mark[1st][142465]
I have routed internet conection does any of u know a program or something that can make stacraft work with proxy?
#89 wakiki[154366]

#90 333333[154673]

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