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"In the air I had floating an engineering bay, a barracks, a factory, and 5 command centers."

#1 Feanor[163255]
Gah, I just saw that the pictures might be to dark. It looked fine at home though. I'll try to change that if you also think it is to dark.
#2 [163260]
Wow great report dude, nice pics. Deus Ex was a fun game. I hope you made use of the auto-expanding zip feature in the filemanager with all those pics!
#3 Timid[163265]
Good report, I was surprised when you said English is not your best langauge.
#4 [163268]
For someone who has English as a second language, you command it better than Psynoic_Reaver. ♥ psy!

As for the report, I found it really, really good even though I've played the game before and knew exactly what was going to happen.

The descriptions were informative, the pictures relevant, and while the story wasn't necessarily yours you did a very good job of telling it. All in all, very impressive for a first try. Even more impressive because it's a game nobody has written about yet.

Enjoy your 9, and write more!
#5 [163269]
Oh, and for the record, I don't think turbo_noob's "Vacation Slideshow" qualifies as a battlereport.

#6 Feanor[163271]
Woah, a 9 !!! Thanks a lot. I didn't expected that...
And thanks for your nice words about my English, it was a long hard fight with many corrections.

I am no to happy with the pictures though. They lack real infight action in my mind, but I will improve that in my next report, which will probably be posted next week. Oh and I found out the darkness was caused by a very crappy screen.
About the story: Of couse its not mine, Ion Storm made it. I just tell how I played it and add some additional thoughts of myself.
And Johnny... No, I uploaded all those one by one ... stupid me!

A last question. Do you think 2.7 MB is to much for this report?
#7 Convider[163274]
Nah, let the 56kers wait.

Good report, I was very surprised to learn that English is your second language. The weapon/upgrade descriptions were very clear and informative, and the writing was good.

#8 NewbEye[163279]
The English wasn't perfect, but it was very understandable, better even than some who are supposedly native speakers of the language. I agree with you when you say the pictures could be a little more action-packed.

Don't worry about reporting on non-traditional games. We've already got 1000s of SC reports; a little variety will spice things up a bit. I never got into shooter games, but Deus Ex is reputed to have a good storyline, so I'm looking forward to more of your work.

Great way to lose your battlereporting virginity :P
#9 DD[163282]
Pretty good stuff, man. Probably better to take a month when you're starting out. Like Newb said, variety is good. BW gets dull after a while, although it's still better than war3 ;]

Writing was good for non-native speaker, although there were some bits that seemed a bit choppy. Some of the stream-of-conciousness type things in and around combat, for example. I think it was all italicized? Maybe a matter of taste, but it didn't read as well as I thought it should have.

Your game description stuff was great though. Concise and informative, a damn good combination to have when writing about a game that many people don't know about.

Regarding pics...there were a lot, and a lot of them seemed to just be pics of various NPCs. A few of those are okay, but a lot of that stuff can be carried fine through writing. More combat pics! Also, a lot of them are really big. There were a few places with a few lines of text followed by a big pic. It kind of broke up the flow of the text when you did that, so I would avoid doing it unless you feel the pic is absolutley necessary.

I think that's about it out of me. I say a solid 8. Looking forward to the next installment.
#10 Convider[163287]
With that much text, it's no wonder you always get distracted by pron when you're writing comments, Ashwin.

#11 [163288]
#12 DD[163290]
yeah :[
#13 Feanor[163351]
Just fixed the alt-text issue and added a link to part 2 at the bottom.
Thanks to micro for the help!
#14 [163387]
You murderer! you killed all the terrorists! :P

(isn't there an option where you can sorta not kill them?)
#15 Feanor[163414]
Yes, there is an option no to kill them. You can use nonlethal weapons to make them unconscious. But these are close combat weapons, except for the minicrossbows poisondarts. I am more the ranged fighter though and dont like to be to close to my enemies.
Ans you can sneak past some of them. but there are some which have to die to continue with the game.

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