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#1 [165149]
Just to make sure: this is NOT a completed report. So no rating (like it was gonna get one anyway ;p.) I'll be updating this as possible, and hopefully that'll be daily so check back routinely.
#2 Feanor[165150]
Nice to see a new game appearing here...
Can't wait to see more!
Good job.
#3 [165151]
What's this /players setting? You mean you can make the game harder at any time?

Cool report!
#4 Psyonic_Reaver[165152]
Maar! I
#5 Psyonic_Reaver[165153]
What the hell!?!?!? My post got deleted!
#6 Psyonic_Reaver[165154]
*Comments Whore*

Maar! I love you!! But in that friendly, "Hey, lets just be friends" kind of way.

I was an avid D2 player back in day. I had a Jabazon, which was an Amazon who used a spear and soley the jab skill. She sucked when I got to Hell but I had alot of fun playing her.

Keep writinig! I can't wait to see what sort of adventures you find yourself in!
#7 x]FS[x[165155]
#8 [165156]
Don't do hearts, psy, they get eaten since the site thinks it's html. My comment on Dibb's old report got ate that way yesterday, heh.

To JV: I'll explain it a bit more in depth in the report, but yes you can basically make the monsters have more life and give more experience at any time. It doesn't work in the online game, though. It's very useful for leveling up fast, and it increases the amount of item drops you get from monsters.

Thanks for the comments, guys. Glad to know you're liking it so far. :)
#9 [165157]
Alright, intro file updated to explain /players setting a bit better (I hope.)
#10 Raider[165158]
Hehe fun read so far, though I still maintain that write-as-you-go reports are shameless attempts to milk the community for comments ;)

One thing I didn't get though is whether this is Nightmare or Hell Difficulty already.
#11 [165159]
Of course it's a ploy for more comments. And probably the second best one I've ever thought up (best one is still the "flame everybody and get to 100 in a day" idea that I never used, though.)

This is Hell difficulty.
#12 Eumenides[165160]
If I were you, I'd run Hell or Nightmare Countess until I could find or cube some Shaels. That Hone Sundan is way too slow to do anything useful now, but with three Shaels (or however many you need for the breakpoint) the crushing blow would make it a seriously sweet weapon.

Also, is this hardcore? If not, why a fishymancer instead of the standard MF meteorb? Meteorb + mindless Mephisto running = rich you. I started with the always overpowered hammerdin, but eventually worked out that you really need a sorc to teleport to the bosses.

Be aware that a no-twink fishymancer is going to kill really, really, really slowly in late hell, and the merc will provide most of your offense. (It's a Might merc, right?) That's why I recommend searching for those Shaels- high-speed Crushing Blow is the great equalizer, since it removes a percentage of monster health.
#13 [165161]
No, it's softcore. I don't really like sorceresses, and the necromancer sounded like a much more enjoyable char for me (I'd rather clear areas than do specific target runs, that just seems too boring to me. Even if he's slow, I enjoy say clearing WSK->Baal, or the Pits/AT more than doing single target runs) Basically I went with the fishymancer because it sounded like a fairly easy way to achieve wealth (much slower than the sorc, granted) but more enjoyable for me than using a sorc or hammerdin (mostly I just want to find enough gear to be able to get good usage out of my barbs, which is my preferred character.)

I thought about putting some Shaels in the Hone Sundan, but I haven't had much problem in killing speed (though I'm starting to have some now,) and I wasn't sure how much leech I might need to give him. I'm not sure what breakpoint I need to get him to reach, so I'm not sure how many shaels I'd need to put in. I may throw my two Shaels and my Amn in there and see how much faster he gets, since that may allow me enough leech and/or IAS to change helms (maybe something with CB or OW or DS, if I can find it.)

I think I'll do some searching and see if I can figure out what breakpoint I need to hit with him to really speed him up, since I'm noticing a real slowing against stone skins in Hell, and I'm still in Act I.

Thanks for your advice. :)
#14 [165162]
Oh wow, I just checked my ATMA and noticed I had a Guillaume's Face in my stash. *slaps self in head* Dunno how I managed to stash that and not put it on my merc. Thanks again for the advice, Eumenides, you just greatly helped me out.

It seems a pair of shaels will hit the second BP for the weapon, and a third shael won't quite reach the final one, so I'm going to put 2 shaels and an amn in there.
#15 micro[165163]
i played as a barbarian for a while but got bored pretty quick, and none of the other characters seemed interesting. i might reinstall it if you can show me something really fun, though ;O
#16 Eumenides[165164]
Fishymancers are a great build and a lot of fun to play. The problem is that, although they have incredibly high durability (second only to lightning trapsins, IMO), they also have very, very low killing speed untwinked. They are recommended for newbies not because they are good as a first MF character but because they are highly forgiving of mistakes. Look at the skeleton damage at, and see how dramatically it scales up after Level 20. Basically, by act 3, your killing plan will be something like this:

Amplify damage

Set to /players 1 or 2

Wait for the merc to kill something

Blow it up

90% of your kills will come from your merc at that point... and all you need is one corpse.

You WILL need to switch to a lower player count late in the game, because neither crushing blow nor CE scale with player count. For experience and items, faster runs>>>>higher player count runs.

Also, what's with the four unfilled slots in your armor? If your other needs are accounted for, ptopazes are your friends. MF makes a HUGE difference up to 200-300% and then falls off fairly sharply, so you should aim for about that level and fit the rest of your equipment around killing speed and survivability. (But you DO need max resists, even with a necro).

Are you going for max block? I advise against it - you need a necro shield for +skills, and they tend to have lousy block unless you are lucky enough to find a unique.

If you don't mind using a mod, the ladder runewords can be very useful. A spirit sword and shield are dirt cheap to make and could benefit you greatly.

You really have two options for your remaining skill points:

1. The iron golem route: Find the maul from the IK set (shouldn't be too hard), put spare points into golem mastery to make sure it doesn't die on you, enjoy the extra crushing blow. Problems: golem may die, you may not want to waste the maul.
2. The skeletal mage route: Self-explanatory. The great thing about this is that cold mages + decrepify + teleporting on top of a boss pretty much ensures that he will never move again. Seriously, Hell Baal will hit your skellies about twice before he dies. (You do have an item with teleport charges, right? They're hugely helpful to counteract your skellies' tendency to wander off to contemplate the universe.) Disadvantages: You don't really need to invest points just for a couple of cold mages, and they can freeze corpses you need.

Revive generally isn't worth it because revives don't do much damage. The exception are Urdars, AKA your one stop shop for killing Diablo. Urdars do crushing blow, so a low-level Revive can be very helpful there. Still, I wouldn't view this as a useful route - you don't have limitless urdar corpses in every dungeon.

Let me know if I'm pontificating too much. I know so little that when I do know something I feel compelled to speak :)
#17 Eumenides[165165]
Appendage to above post: the game is after all about having fun, and fishymancers can definitely be that. I'm just making sure that you know that they aren't the fastest way to make $$$$$$.
#18 Eumenides[165166]
Apologies for spamming, but I had some more comments I wanted to add, and I didn't think you'd be hugely averse to having more comments;)

Micro: if you want to build a barb but don't have any equipment, the soundbarb is a very amusing and durable build. Max War Cry and as many of its synergies as you can, and use that as your main attack instead of melee. Be sure to have an Insight polearm somewhere in your build (or, if in single player, invest heavily in energy), because War Cry uses mana the way sailors use prostitutes: brutally and without regard for the future.

Maar: once you've finished your necro, give some thought to a lightning trapsin. I cannot begin to tell you how immeasurably cool it is to blow shit up that you can't even see yet. Also, they make excellent untwinked MFers for area runs (much faster than fishymancers, just as fun IMO, and even safer).

Also ... I just saw your lighning resistance. Gloams will eat you for dinner, and their bolts go right through summons. Beware.
#19 [165167]
Micro: Singer barbs sound like they would be very enjoyable, though possibly tough to master to begin with. I LOVE the entire war cries skill tree, so I might even give that a shot. The crowd control possibilities are just insane.

I became quickly aware of just how slow fishymancers can kill, but I really enjoy using him. After seeing just how slow he kills, I'm mostly just keeping with him because he's fun, I've moved him somewhat more to a + skills setup than the mf setup he had. I've got a total of +5 right now, which definitely ramps up the skellies damage/life but they're still fairly slow, true.

Oh wow, I didn't realize Crushing Blow doesn't scale. That definitely explains why those stone skin bastards won't go down, lol. I knew CE didn't scale.

I guess I sorta dropped the ball on showing the armor, it's got 4 PTopazes in it. It took me a while of shopping to find a 4 socketed armor.

I was originally planning on getting max block, hoping to find a homunculus along the way, or at least be ready for one when I found it with another char. Currently I'm not sure about it, though I'm sort of unsure whether to abandon it since I have so many points in dex already.

I'm not a real fan of any of the mods, the runewords look impressive, but I think I prefer the added challenge of vanilla items.

Thus far I haven't found any items with teleport charges, amazingly enough. I'm hoping for one of them to come along by Act III, if not earlier.

Yeah, gloams are rough. Even with ~65 lightning resist in Nightmare I was having to fling Dim Vision everywhere and chug pots. And with the way Dim Vision is raped in Hell diff, I'll definitely need to get those resists up. If I don't have another solution by then I'll hunt down another 4 socket armor and throw some Orts in it.

Depending on my finds I may either work on some of my barbs, start a sorc (a meteorb or blizzballer does sound like it might be enjoyable,) or maybe give an assassin a try. NM Baal was nice enough to drop a Bartuc's, so I may go the assassin route.
#20 [165168]
Feel free to post any comments you have...that just means fewer comments I have to post to get my number up. It's all about getting a high comment number. ;)
#21 wakiki[165169]
Posting the first part without any action in it? Bad manner :P

By the way maar, I think you should go HC. It'll add intensity for you and the reader. It won't be difficult with a skelly+CE necro.

Also, maxing Dim Vision is a viable option. You could get:

20 Skeleton
20 Skeleton Mastery
10 Corpse Explosion
20 Dim Vision
1 point into the other stuff (revive, decreptify, attract)

This is not difficult to attain by the time you go into Hell. DV may not be maxed by then, but it would be good enough and getting better. Dim Vision makes pretty much completely safe. It shuts down gloams obviously, but also shuts down Frenzy from the Frenzytaurs, and so on, in case you didn't know.
#22 [165170]
I didn't know about DV shutting down Frenzy. If I plan on using DV much in later levels I think I'm going to have to put some skills in it, since the duration penalty on it is pretty stiff where it is now.

I can imagine this type of necro would be very effective in HC, but I don't focus that much on D2. Maybe if I did HC I would start too, though. I'd probably try something a bit more difficult, though. I might try a HC zerker, or a summoner Druid (I've been wanting to try one of those...)

And there's a little bit of action in the first part. I clear the Den. ;p I've uploaded a new update, though, and hopefully will be doing another one a bit later on tonight.

I've been considering putting skills into lower resist and it's prereqs and making a few mages, but that requires more corpses, more casting, and mages can be a pain in some areas.

I'm also considering putting some more points into DV. Points in summon resist are useless since I'm only getting 2 points of resistance for it, revives are high enough, golems are just tanks, and my amp seems to have good range as it is.
#23 wakiki[165171]
Heh, I missed the part where you access the report itself.

It would be weird to have your first foray into HC be a zerker. I mean, if you get mana burned and IMed while attacking, *poof* dead. A summon + CE necro is the best character to start HC with since it's forgiving, and sets a good, steady pace, and since it doesn't need good gear to beat the game. People have beaten HC with naked necro's before.
#24 [165172]
People have beaten HC with naked Amazon's before too...but I'm not giving that a shot. ;)~

I somehow managed to forget about mana burn when I said that about the zerker. Though a HC meleer would definitely have a touch of "how soon til he dies" to it. I've enjoyed playing my necro thus far, and will probably enjoy playing him for awhile yet, but I don't really have any desire to make another one for awhile.

Yes, I changed around the section leading to the report. For lack of a better word, I will refer to that section from now on as the FAQ...until I come up with a better word. The link to the report is now more or less at the beginning. Much easier to spot.
#25 Eumenides[165173]
Maar, if you do consider hardcore, a necro is indeed a great choice. However, a zerker barb is definitely viable as long as you also max out Warcry. They can't IM you if they're all staggering about going, "MY EARS! MY EARS! IT'S WORSE THAN A METALLICA CONCERT!"

By the way, a singer makes a pretty good MFer, due to the fact that you get the best MF skill in the game: Find Item. It's like killing all the beasties twice. Summoner druids are also immensely cool and a lot of fun to play (but don't have anything like the survivability of summoner necros due to having fewer summons). They don't have corpse explosion, though, which isn't great for killing speed.

If you can't find an amulet with teleport charges, talk to Gheed. Remember, kids, murder, looting and gambling are good for you!
#26 Psyonic_Reaver[165175]
I hated Blood Raven. I always will. Gave my Jabazon a hard time.
#27 Raider[165176]
Hey maar, why are you so opposed to multiplayer? If you play on, I would very likely play with you. A lot more fun imo than chuggin' at it alone.

Not for the purpose of this report, just in general...
#28 [165177]
Well, for one, my comp/connection isn't great for multiplayer. My connection especially since it has random hiccups and I know I'd be about to pick up some really rare item and have my net go out on me. There's the slight possiblity of a comp crash in SP, I suppose, but it's far less likely.

Second, I'd probably play online with people I know, but if I'm doing that I'd rather be playing BW with them than D2. D2 just doesn't seem quite as enjoyable as a multiplayer game to me. And I have no desire to play multiplayer with people I don't know because there's about a 90% chance we won't get along. I take things too slow, and take way too many breaks while I'm playing for that to work out.

Plus, I like going at it alone. Even if it takes awhile to do (though, granted, most of the time this guy has taken has been because of the pace I play at...which isn't all that fast since this is by far the highest I've ever gotten a character,) I did it. It sort of feels good having to be actually concerned about a fallen killing you and making him chase you to a point you can use a CE on him, instead of having your friend take him out for you.

Thanks for the offer, though. :)
#29 [165178]
Psy: If you wanna get back at her, just get after her with a Barbarian. ;)~ Line her up right, bash her into the corner and watch her fall apart. She's a bit of a pain in Normal with a fishymancer, but only because she can get away. In Nightmare and Hell she's not real trouble with him since she doesn't do much of that moving thing ;).

I think I am going to try hardcore after this, but I'd like to get at least some low level gear for a zerker barb on HC before I try him. I may try to go with a sorc to gain some gear, but that may be rougher than I imagine. Would that lightning trapsin be an effective MFer in HC, do you think?
#30 Psyonic_Reaver[165179]
I have no idea what half the stuff means about what you just said and what???
#31 [165180]
haha, I forgot to say the second half was to Eumenides. Sorry about that.

Basically what I said to you was Blood Raven is pretty easy for a Barbarian since he can use the bash skill on her, and easy for the character I'm playing past Normal difficulty.
#32 Psyonic_Reaver[165181]
Oh. Ok. =) I understand that. The only word I know that is D2 lingo is Jabazon and that is because I created the word. No proof to back it up of course.

All this trapsin, iceballer, whatchamacallits confuse the heck out of me.
#33 [165183]
Most terms like that refer to the spells used as the main skills, for instance trapsin is an assassin that uses traps as it's main killer. Blizzballer is a sorceress that uses blizzard and fireball as her main skills, while a meteorb is a sorceress that uses meteor and frozen orb. And a zerker barb is a barbarian that uses the berserk skill as his main attack.

Personally, the Amazon is the only character that sounds like one I have no desire to play. Which makes it slightly annoying that I've found a lot of gear that would help out an Amazon.

I updated the report last night, hopefully will get another update up today.
#34 Eumenides[165184]

Lightning trapsins make great MFers in hardcore, because they kill reasonably quickly for such a safe build and have great survivability with lousy gear. The above link should get you started with how to build and use one. (Note to Psyonic: a lightning trapsin is an assassin using lightning traps. These are small objects the assassin places on the map at the cost of some mana, which spray lightning at enemies until exhausted. The great thing about them is that you can place one at the edge of the map and it will hit targets you can't see, meaning that you rarely need to enter an area until everything in it is already dead.)

Good hardcore MFers include:

The "disposasorc" - max energy shield, max frozen orb, max synergies for both. The easiest way to get rich quick - decent survivability and teleport makes this the ideal Mephisto-killer, but it will NOT do area runs for the most part. The exception is the Ancient Tunnels in Act 2, which have few to no cold immunes.

The summoner necro - identical to what you have now, it kills just as slowly, but in hardcore it's survivability that matters and summoner necros are some of the best in the game for survivability.

I'm just getting started in hardcore myself, so take my advice with a pinch of salt ;)
#35 Eumenides[165185]
By the way, Maar, I was looking at your screenshots ... what are you using a fire golem for? If it's just the coolness factor, great, but if it's for practical use, clay golems tank better and slow enemies. Neither does any damage to speak of.

But fire golems are pretty cool to look at ;)
#36 [165187]
I actually started a trapsin last night after looking at some guides. She seems like she's going to be great fun to play, even from early on.

Have you used the max FO/ES sorc before? Seems like you'd need to have a lot of FCR to be safe with her. I'm sure she'd be great at Meph runs, though, as you said. And ES would definitely give her more survivability than say a max Blizz sorc. I might give this a try, as long as I don't end up having to park a lot of monsters while I'm questing. I imagine the tunnels in Act V could be a pain, I'd definitely need a good merc I think.

Mostly I've been using the fire golem because it's holy fire aura has drawn baddies off of me when they come up behind me before. I don't really need the glay colem against anything except act bosses really so the added looks of the fire golem are nice too. Against the act bosses, though, I use the clay golem. Sometimes when I see a nice weapon in one of the shops I'll buy it and make an Iron Golem, but the last time I saw a weapon worthy was in Nightmare and Lister ripped him up.
#37 Eumenides[165199]
I haven't made an FO/ES sorc myself. I just know her by reputation ;) But she's supposed to be by far the fastest way to make $$$ in hardcore. Beware of blood mana curse and mana burn, though, since both can kill you in a hurry.

You WILL have to park many monsters - I know this from my softcore blizzsorc - but that's not hard with teleport. Ancients can be a beast though...
#38 [165204]
I think I'll try out a blizzsorc or something in SC to get used to the char then maybe give the FO/ES a try in HC.

I started a lighning trapsin, I'll probably level her up when I need a break from my necro.
#39 [165211]
Updated again. I think I'm going to split these pages up between Acts so each Act report doesn't get too long.
#40 wakiki[165218]
maar, if you start HC you will have to start from scratch with no items, remember? :P Whatever items you find now are irrelevant.

A caster is generally much better for starting because of this. Meteorb is probably the most versatile since she's good at the start with no gear, can be improved enormously once you get good gear, and can MF anywehere you need her to since she has two skill trees.
#41 [165219]
so this report is "done" and you're going to create a new report for act II? if so i'll go ahead and rate this one then
#42 [165221]
wak: Yeah I know HC would be a fresh start, wasn't too sure about using a sorc in HC since I'd never done one before but now I've started a blizzballer in SC and I'm kinda digging it. So I may try the meteorb route in HC. I think I'm going to just do HC for BR purposes, anyway.

Keanu: yes, I think it's going to make things much, much too long if I try to do it all in one report. So feel free to rate away. That goes to any other raters who want to get in.
#43 Psyonic_Reaver[165225]
Wait, wait, wait.. Keanu is going to rate?
#44 [165226]
Nah, it's all a screen. I'm actually going to rate my own report, so I used somebody's name that doesn't rate very often (um...any of us.) Guess I shoulda picked somebody other than Mehdi, though, eh? Kinda set off a red flag... ;p

Anyway, I've been piddling around with some other stuff today, hopefully I'll get started on Act II tomorrow, and hopefully have the next installment up tomorrow as well.
#45 Eugenioso Chileno[165237]
it's nice to see a new report. i still need help for how to make a report with that kind of graphics. ive failed miserably in all my attempts.

BTW, i play D2, fairly new lvl 32 Barbie.

i got 20 skillz in sword fighting, a sword that does 50 dmg, a 162 def. p-armor, some unique shield i cant remember da name for, and so far my advancing in normal on the last floor before Diablo has been slow.

will i die many times with such a character in Nightmare and Hell Diffs??
#46 [165245]
the idea is really neat, but i don't think it works very well with a game you've already played through.

i thought the writing flowed reasonably well, the report was very long but didn't feel like it. i did feel like it was a little bland though; it has very little humor (and at times the humor felt forced) and the battles seemed more like an update rather than an actual battle. I would put more emphasis on battles as they're happening.

the pics were also good, a montage or two would make them great. it was cool seeing the boss specs in the pics though

all in all, i think it deserves an 8. very good report but seemed to be lacking a little something extra to make it a 9 or 10.


oh and sorry for slacking on rating duty, been really busy :[
#47 [165246]
Thanks for the rating mehdi, don't worry about being busy, we all understand. :)

I agree on the writing, it's kinda difficult to make these things focus on the battle without getting really, really long but I'll play around with it and see what I can come up with. Hopefully I can bring that up a level for the next one. Thanks for the rating, man, good to see you.

Eugenioso: Yes, you're barb will probably die alot in Nightmare and Hell. Pretty much everybody's first barb gets raped in Nightmare because of not knowing what to do/not having good gear. You can get over having bad gear with good warcry usage (using howl to take the heat off of you when you get swamped and using taunt to bring ranged attackers to you,) but it can be really slow going. Remember to use your battle commands, battle orders, and shout warcries to increase your survivability.

Remember that a melee character will have a hard time hitting monsters at a higher level than him, so level up a good bit before you move up to Nightmare or things could be rough.
#48 Psyonic_Reaver[165254]
Who the hell is Mehdi? I've never heard or seen of him.

Anyways, I can't wait for Act 2! Seems like I'm playing through the game again but without all the clicking!
#49 [165255]
Mehdi = Keanu. That's how it is with me man, all of the joy, none of the work. nomsain ;)~
#50 Psyonic_Reaver[165256]
Is that is real name?
#51 [165258]
Does anybody really have a real name?

I'm just stalling, I dunno if it's his real name but lucky and dag always called him that and I wanted to look cool so I started calling him that too.
#52 [165262]
yessir it's my real name
Mehdi Martin
it's pretty sweet
#53 [165302]
#54 [165303]
I own you des.

Yeah, you really won out on the name lottery there, Mehdi. o_O

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