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"Hell is a very big place. Big enough for me to send his entire army there."

#1 micro[165188]
hahahhahaa 1st is MINE
#2 [165189]
Omg auto ten
#3 [165190]
Good looking report. That I know nothing about. Now to read, I suppose.
#4 micro[165191]
decent report, nice grammar, a few jokes. not exactly something that excites my penis, if you know what i'm sayin'

and you should, since i'm being so blunt about it

7 :E
#5 Psyonic_Reaver[165192]
I've never been an "awesome" reporter. If you read my comments or if you have ever read ANY of my reports you see that they are always just decent. I just write because I love writing battlereports dispite the errors I create. Thats why I get fools like Maareek and Wakiki to help me out. =p
#6 PeaceableGhost[165193]
Nice report. Game sort of lame though. 7.

Btw, what was the whole reaver story, Maar? Firefox here on this comp (I'm traveling) doesn't show full alt text. Although, there's a reason I don't use reavers...
#7 [165194]
Well, you can get around that by right clicking on the image and then selecting properties. The text will be at the bottom of the properties box but you'll have to scroll a bit.

Anyway, the guy drops a pair of reavers into Psy's main. Psy's dragoons are on the other side of the map, attempting to contain. The reavers tear up the 2 goons Psy gets to defend, and start wailing on the nexus. Then they stop shooting. There were still scarabs in them, they were set to attack, but they stopped shooting and just inched closer and closer to the nexus. Finally they got so close that the 2 cannons there destroyed them. Meanwhile, Psy had broken through the guy's front door and laid waste to his base.

That's a bit more detailed than what I had in the alt-text, but that's what happens when you ask.

Personally, I wouldn't mind if someone put up something like this once a week. Hell, I'd be thrilled. This isn't all-time favorite caliber, but it's still quite enjoyable. If more people tried to put out something like this, instead of a masterpiece, I think we'd have more reports. Though we still need a few masterpieces every now and then. ;)

I enjoyed this. I want to give it an eight. Really. I really want to, but I can't. There were some rough grammatical errors (maybe next time make the changes your proofreaders give you, then wait a day or two and see if they'll check it one more time for you or something) though they weren't overly bad they still took away some from impact.

The game wasn't great (or rather, you didn't make it great.) Even bad games can be made to seem good with some high tension or some humor or some strategy. Try to make the readers feel some sense of urgency about your scouting or your macroing and you'll greatly notice an increase in reader enjoyment.

For instance:
My DT at 3 o'clock suddenly dies. Thinking quickly, I decide the only explanation must be that Lucky is attempting to take an expansion there without my knowledge. If I allow him to secure this location, I'll be dead in the water. I gather my forces together, if I can take down his expansion while it's still in its infancy, I can gain a large advantage and exploit it to either expand myself or possibly crush Lucky outright. My troops march into the 3 o'clock base and find it ...empty. At the same time, Lucky's troops slam into my defenses. I was tricked.

Not a great example, but I think it sorta shows how keeping your readers just a little bit in the dark can add effect. In your case, we know 3 is empty. In my example, you quickly switch from being about to take the lead to being in grave danger. I think that's more effective writing, and makes a lesser game better.

The images and format were very nice. The alt-text was great (ahem ;)~), and the whole thing overall was quite enjoyable.

I like it enough to give it an eight, but the details I mentioned before force me to give it a seven. Loved it either way, though. :) Hopefully we'll be seeing another one from you fairly soon, no?
#8 Psyonic_Reaver[165195]
7 is fine by me. =p

And yes... My goal is to try to pump these things out at a good pace. This was my kick in the butt.
#9 JV[165196]
testing the new spam filter
#10 PeaceableGhost[165198]
Huh. I ran into a bug like that in the one game I lost that I'm kind of sore about. Team game, someone tried cannoning my cliff. I had an obs with vision to the cliff and a reaver below, so I thought, hey, it should attack, right? So I told it to kill the cannons and it walked right up to them. But I thought maybe that was a higher ground thing? Only now I'm not sure.
#11 Psyonic_Reaver[165200]
My whole report now consists of Reaver AI stupidity.
#12 Psyonic_Reaver[165201]
So I take it not many people liked it? Hmm. I guess that is to be expected because I didnt even finish the game so that always leaves people with a bitter taste in their mouth.

Game 2 and 3 will be way better. Promise.
#13 Fangrim[165202]
Yeah, a BW report :)

shame that you didn't get your DT's past the ramp
#14 Raider[165203]
First of all, I enjoyed this--it was a solid report. I think the same goes for everyone that posted here. Just because a report is not perfect, it does not mean that it is not enjoyable. Heck, if that were true, none of the sub-ten reports on this site would be worth anything since they are not perfect. All the comments are meant as constructive criticism. I think you are focusing too much on them. When we say, "This was good, but *criticism here*" we really do mean the "good" part. This WAS a good report, and we DID enjoy it. Having said that, here is my post-but part.

What keeps this report from scoring higher imo is the tone of the presentation. This is just a simple summary of what happened in the game with very little of your own personality added to it. This means it reads somewhat dry. You just do not seem overly excited about the game you describe, and this is passed onto the reader. A bit more flare and enthusiasm on your part would help this report rise to the next level.

I really did not notice any glaring errors, so technically this report was good.

Solid 7.
#15 Psyonic_Reaver[165205]
Thanks Raider. Re-reading the other comments I understand what everybody is trying to say. Doesn't have that Psyonic flare to it 'eh? I'll do better then. Thanks for the comments so far guys. =)
#16 [165206]
Yeah, this report does rock. It mentions my name at least 25 times!

Suggestions for improvement: don't put dark text on dark background (just a general rule). And run this through a spell check before giving it to wakiki. A notorious one. :)

I honestly didn't remember much from this game. But after seeing the next two I have to say I look forward to them.

So hop to it!
#17 Raider[165207]
I am putting "luckynewbie" all over my next report.
#18 [165208]
Nice report, very oldschool. I actually rated something, holy shit. 8. Can I get in on some of these games sometime?

Man I remember when I used to leave huge comments and criticisms on the reports coming in daily. It would be fun to bring that back in some way.
#19 Psyonic_Reaver[165209]

Thanks Dag. Whats your AIM? I used to have it on my old one but I lost the password to it. PsyReaver188 is my new AIM. I'll let you know next time we all get together.

Good to see ya.
#20 zeon[165210]
This sucked.

#21 Blackchaos[165212]
It did not suck.

Here is what sucks, you and my first battle report.
#22 Psyonic_Reaver[165213]
Thanks for the comments guys. =) Nice to see you again ZeonPeon and Blackchaos.
#23 Dibbler[165227]
It's alive! It's alive! Suddenly is teeming with activity. And an actual (to me) old-style report. I enjoyed this one a lot. Easy to follow, and it being not so great a game doesn't really bother (probably in the knowledge of my own gaming skills).
#24 mattzarella[165229]
this was a good report, but it was nothing more than the description of the game. there were only a few spots where you said what you were thinking about and what you were going to try; the rest of it could have just as easily been seen in the replay. although the writing was solid, I think that next time you should consider adding some deeper elements: what were you thinking? what was your opponent thinking, or in this perspective what do you think your opponent was thinking? what COULD you have tried? etc.

since we have replays, it's our job as reporters to make it that much more exciting than watching one
#25 Psyonic_Reaver[165231]
Done and done. Part 2 should be heading out soon. Just need to finish coding it.
#26 [165232]
Psy? Code his own report? It's a christmas miracle! And we're only in June. ;p
#27 Psyonic_Reaver[165233]
Oh ha ha Maareek. Why don't YOU go back to playing D2.
#28 Dibbler[165236]
Or approve 'my' report.
#29 [165242]
Ahh, I hrt you guys. Really.
#30 Psyonic_Reaver[165244]
I hrt yo 2.
#31 [165287]
what rater tag am i again
#32 [165288]
wups that was me
#33 Psyonic_Reaver[165290]
Say what? Lucky? You can steal other people's tags? TT
#34 [165294]
haha, I'm glad I'm not the only one who sometimes worries about using the wrong tag. Of course, if I use the wrong one I'll be labeling myself DD, and that's just scary. Like committing suicide crazy. ;p
#35 [165295]
Oh, and, on a somewhat related note: I did love the report psy, hope you didn't feel in any way that I didn't. I mean, hell, I coded the thing and wrote the alt text, how could I not like it? ;)~
#36 wakiki[165306]
Cool report! Sorry I vanished for a while there. My computer broke down.

Can't wait for read the next one. I mean that literally. I'm going to read it right this second!

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