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#1 Psyonic_Reaver[165289]
Score one for my GIF animation skills....... Looks like crap. Looked WAY better on my computer for some reason.
#2 [165291]
tied for the best report ever
#3 Psyonic_Reaver[165292]
Thanks Lucky. =)
#4 [165293]
Oh man, I come back from dinner and find a psy report? Good times, good times.

Personally, I didn't feel like the gif added anything (since when I heard 2 goons and 4 zeals vs m&m on a ramp I sorta knew what was going on anyway ;)) but I didn't mind it.

On to some strat points: if you have 2 goons and 4 zeals and know he's coming at you with m&m do one of two things. Either get down the ramp and take him on on the low ground or back up and take him on on the high ground (if you do this and feel you're going to lose, bring a couple of probes [4 tops] and use them to help out.) Trying to fight his ranged units with your melee units on a ramp just does not work. On that point, if I know he's going 2 rax I make about 2 zeals then the rest is goons anyway. Goon/probe with a couple zeals can do well enough to hold him off until your tech is out if you micro well.

Now, on to the important stuff:

I definitely felt like this was an improvement on the previous one. Maybe not a huge step up, but a step up none the less.

The writing was not as flat, which was welcome. It wasn't amazing, but you're not an expert BW tactician or a comedian so it's hard to make the writing all that dynamic. No offense to Neoviper, though, but I think these things need to be more throughly proofread. There's still some quite nagging spelling/grammar errors involved. Such as shampane. Which is spelled champagne. Normally I'd say it's not a huge problem, but this just barely missed really dragging down your report to me, so I'd have to say it is a problem.

I felt like the images were nice, and showed the action sufficiently. I'm assuming you didn't lose that reaver to an scv, though, because if you did and didn't get a pic of that I'm going to give this a one. ;p

I didn't really find any of the report funny...except for the part about you almost losing a reaver to an scv (which reminded me of almost losing a reaver to 20 probes...). It's difficult, though, to get humor across in a BR without it seeming really dry, imo. Keep trying with it, hopefully you'll figure a way to mix it in. The best thing I've found is just to use quotes from NH ppl if you really want to humor it up. Somebody in there is bound to be dumb/high/drunk enough to say something insanely stupid/funny.

Lastly, any report that includes multiple mentions of my name deserves an auto ten. And a hug and a kiss...but not from me. Try mattz, I hear he swings that way.

I'm going to give this an eight. I think I'm being a little soft there, but I really feel it deserves it. I'd say it's a low eight, though, so some work is still needed. I'm anxiously awaiting the next part, though, since I'm loving these so far.

Wow, 12 ppl in ~nh is something I haven't seen in awhile. I may have to check it out at some point. Loved the report, can't wait for the next one. hrt!
#5 Psyonic_Reaver[165297]
Awesome. Thanks Maar for the comments.
#6 Neoviper[165300]
Yeah, I thought he would be able to run it through a spell check himself, so didnt focus on spelling, more on things that didnt make sense or where not good. although there was this bad sentence which I can believe I understood it, told him about that one. but anyway, you already know what I think about your report, good bit better than the last one. just keep writing and improving, and you'll be good. really just listen to maar, he's a good reporter, if you take what he says and really try to do it, you'll be fine.
#7 [165304]
I understand. Personally, I hate proofreading. Just about every report I've ever submitted is first draft (along with pretty much every writing I've ever submitted...ever.) because I just loathe it so much. Lessons learned on all sides, I guess. :)

On the other hand, I don't have a problem with proofreading other ppl's writing. If you'd like me to proof one for you, I'll be glad to. I don't see any real conflict with me checking for spelling/grammatical errors and rating it after it's submitted, but if others do then you should still get a rating from some of the other (active! can you believe it?!) raters.
#8 BigD[165305]
Should it worry me if what Maareek just said makes sense to me?
#9 wakiki[165307]
Sorry I wasn't around to proofread this one (see my post in the forum).

Good report though; better than the last one! I'd probably agree with maar in the ratings so far. A solid 7 and a shaky 8 seens right to me. Keep 'em coming!

My general suggestion would be to add a little more about the big picture in your next report.
#10 Psyonic_Reaver[165309]
Add more to the big picture? Hmmmm... Like get Lucky's thoughts on the battle? OR what I think that he is thinking...

Thanks again for the comments and as for my spell checker... I don't have one... =(
#11 Neoviper[165310]
Oh sorry then man, thought you did. I'll it through that next report then, sorry about that. also, theres gotta be a free spell checker on the internet, also firefox has a spellcheck in the latest version of it. firefox rules!!!!11one
#12 [165311]
BigD: There's actually a disclaimer on the front page of You can't see it since it's hidden text, but it gives a three step solution to what to do when what maar says starts making sense:
1. Induce vomiting
2. Enjoy the pretty colors
3. Never buy from that guy again.
I suggest you follow this plan, and I hope you never have to have an experience like that again. ;)~

Psy: I'd suggest you try to do both of those. More analysis of what you're thinking Lucky is doing is always helpful to understand how the game progressed and getting the opponent's feelings on the big points of the game (or even the little ones) can bring humor and overall more enjoyment to the report for the reader.

viper: yes, foxfire does rule, right psy? ;p hrt.
#13 Psyonic_Reaver[165313]
Here we go again. Why do I even bother with you guys. =)
#14 [165315]
Because most of us are cute and cuddly.

And because some of us are raters. :)
#15 PeaceableGhost[165319]
Nice report. And you win, which I guess makes you feel better. Definitely an improvement over the other, too. 8.
#16 Decay[165326]
This was good, a nice improvment from the last one. Waiting for round 3!
#17 Raider[165328]
Nice--huge improvement over the first one.

The writing was a lot more lively and engaging. Rather than simply describing the game, you actually inserted your own comments, adding personality to the report. As a result, it was a lot more fun to read than the previous one.

Good job.

#18 Psyonic_Reaver[165329]
Thanks Raider. =) Thanks for all the comments guys. I'll get started on Part 3 soon. I've been having problems lately with work... Plus I've had the flu the last few days but you can count on me to finish it!
#19 Dibbler[165330]
"I hope I was able to bring out a few chuckles or at least make you crack a smile "

Yup! Nice read
#20 Psyonic_Reaver[165334]
Thanks Dibb. Good to see you around.
#21 [165368]
I might check out some of this "Starcraft" stuff going on, if I have time. My AIM is Dagomardeg, btw. Nice report!
#22 Psyonic_Reaver[165373]
Thanks Dag. =p See ya around then!
#23 Blackchaos[165377]
Better than the first! Can't wait for the next.
#24 [165380]
I must say, I find this recent swath of dagomar comments both confusing and arousing.
#25 Resonate[165473]
Jeez how bloody old is this game? Surely most of these people haven't played in years?
#26 [165474]
Oh, wow, a visit from resonate? A high honor, indeed, psy. ;p

Hi, res.
#27 [165475]
Ling! Join us on bnet, fag
#28 Resonate[165496]
no fucking way, i haven't played in over a year... (tho i bet i could still pwn you with my skillz). The thing about quitting is that you have to stick to it!

roll on SC2

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