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"The only sensible counter to the 13 pool is the 121/2 pool (experts only)"

#1 PeaceableGhost[165342]
yYs, I'm being a bastard and getting 1st comment on my own report. Enjoy!
#2 [165343]
#3 [165344]
#4 [165345]
Oh, it's a rater battle is it? How about this, first one to rate the report wins! I'm busy at the moment, though.
#5 Eumenides[165346]
Very nice report. I was able to understand what was going on despite never having played the game, and the report made me want to play it - both good signs.
#6 BigD[165347]
Yellow on white background, no-no.

Well done, though, as diplomacy is a game I always wanted to try.
#7 Psyonic_Reaver[165348]
Yes. PLEASE change the yellow, I don't care to what but let me know when you do.

As for using my CSS. It's not really mine. I stole it from Maar. =p

I actually understood all that. You see I play a lot of turned based games and it all makes sense to me. I love it. Keep going. I like how you were telling everybody that Spain wanted to kill them etc but not tell them you were allied with Spain. Oh it's great. Does seem like a BGH FFA.
#8 wakiki[165349]
Wow, this is awesome! I've never played diplo before but it's fascinating.

One suggestion: On the update maps, show where the unit was last turn. If it's not too much trouble. It wuld be much easier to visualize, that way.

Adding a colored line in paintbrush should do the trick for movement. If a unit was just disbanded, place a colored X, and if it was just built, a circle or something around it.
#9 PeaceableGhost[165351]
Thanks for the comments, everybody! Glad to see it was fairly well received.

maar, Lucky - so far, neither of you is winning. Lame. ;)

Eumenides - oh, good. It's really an amazing game, and actually even better live than online. Live adds possibilities for cheating - in most non-tournament settings, people play that if you get away with it, it's fine. (Although getting noticed usually means getting kicked out of the game...)

BigD - I know. Working on fixing that ASAP.

Psy - yellow? What yellow? IOW, fixed. Also, I didn't use any CSS. I hope to make future installments a little prettier, but this was just straight-up HTML.

As for the BGH FFA-ness, just wait a couple turns. *evil grin*

wakiki - good! Glad this is getting interest. As far as the update maps: I plan to do that in the future, but for this first turn, I thought it was simple enough to follow without. Then again, I know the game.
#10 [165366]
Yuck, an incomplete realtime game. Nobody likes those. =o

On a boardgame too. *Quickly starts hiding some files*

P.S. For the home country SC's you shouldn't have the fleet/army symbol overlapping them.
#11 [165367]
Hey, I liked it. I'm doing a Masters in foreign relations right now so I might be biased, but this looks very interesting. I'm going to give you a 7 because I think you should have covered the entire game - try that for part two, and you might get a 9. Good stuff.
#12 Fangrim[165371]


Reading ^^
#13 Fangrim[165372]
Intriguing board set-up. I've played Diplo, but only the standard 7 players, not this 9 player one. Very cool though; mixes up the negotations quite a bit.

You look to be in a strong position, up three SC's by 1902. Spain will be a bit irritated if/when you hold A Lan, though.
I think you're basically hoping that Austra doesn't distract Sicily enough that Spain and Eire smack you at the same time by 1903-4.

Would have liked it if you had at least finished up 1901 in this report, but ah well. I enjoyed reading it, good analysis, and look forward to the next.
#14 Psyonic_Reaver[165374]
Ghost if you need an idea for a turn based report like this. I wrote a series about Battletech a few years ago.

It's not pretty but I figure it might give you a few ideas. Update soon!
#15 [165376]
I'm going to echo that 7. This is nice, and after I finished it I was fairly sure I understood it. It would be nice to have more than one turn per report, if that's possible. I've never played the game so I don't know how long they last so I don't know if you can do the whole game in one report, but at least a couple of turns per report would be welcome, I think.

Conversely, you can do an updated report kind of thing instead. That could work as well.

Anyway, enjoyed it. Looking forward to the next one.
#16 wakiki[165378]
"As far as the update maps: I plan to do that in the future, but for this first turn, I thought it was simple enough to follow without. Then again, I know the game."

By the time I had read to the second turn, I had forgotten where the units were already. Well, I never memorized them in the first place. To figure out where they had come from I would have had to have compared the maps which I was too lazy to do :P

No big deal though; I'm glad to hear you plan on doing it.
#17 PeaceableGhost[165383]
wakiki - Right then. The pretty graphic now has not-so-pretty arrows on it. Hopefully that's clearer.

Psy - thanks!

maar (and Dag)- the average game lasts at least 20 turns, on a standard size map. I'm not sure whether the addition of more players will make it longer or shorter. Anyway, ridiculously long for a single report. *g*

Fangrim - yeah. At least right now, I'm working with Eire, and he doesn't have anything in a position to hit me. The Sicily-Spain debacle has me worried though.

For everybody who's waiting for an update: playing online, the turns are taking at least a week. But I'll try to get the next one up ASAP.

Thanks for all the comments and advice!
#18 wakiki[165385]
Oooo, that's alot better. I was thinking arrows of the nations color but the red probably shows up clearer anyway. That helped me understand the action.
#19 x]FS[x[165386]
OOohh very interesting game, sounds like something I would enjoy.

I find it very hard to follow what's going on since I've never played. And I only have a vague idea of what is going on without checking the map every 5 seconds. But it's a great start, I look forward to the next one.
#20 [165388]
thought it was good and interesting, but incomplete. concur with daggy's rating!
#21 [165389]
Hey Keanu, can you play SC yet?

I'd say nothing is ever too long for a single report, even if you have to skip over some stuff! Witness my unbearably long reports, or Raider's Civ 3 reports!
#22 [165390]
actually yeah, i bought a new box set when i heard the sc2 news and played a few games. aim me sometime and we can play
#23 Timid[165391]
This game looks awesome.
Wish you posted more than 1 year/turn worth.
#24 Neoviper[165394]
AIM me when you get on starcraft, its NeoviperJP.

sorry to keep dragging this thing off topic, lets get back to the report. Looks very good, but think it needs to get about 4 turns into it before i can start getting really interested, that seems about when the real active stuff starts. wars and backstabbing and such. but regardless, its an interesting looking game, and you seem to portray it. the ratings are just fine.
#25 micro[165398]
i agree with everyone who said that it's too short. maybe you should have waited to post the report until the combat started happening. but, if you only play one turn a week or something, that might not work out :O

even after looking at the map a lot, i still had to go back and refer to it every time you mentioned a territory or troop movement. maybe a few smaller zoomed-in pictures focused on clusters of nations should be put next to the text that talks about them and the actions they're taking.

it's good, but since it cuts off so early i don't feel like i've gotten much out of it yet.
#26 corpus[165400]
That sir, was delicious.
#27 Decay[165406]
Interesting concept. Has this game already been played, or are you reporting it as it goes? How long does a turn usually take?

Looking forward to another installment. :)
#28 Raider[165434]
Great read so far, but as everyone has said, the fact that it is incomplete and does not even go beyond the first turn really detracts from the experience. I think if you had brought this to a logical pause point (first played eliminated, you achieving some sort of large goal, etc.) this would have been a lot more satisfying and an easy 9 at least. As is, you kind of leave us hanging...
#29 wakiki[165437]
I'd like to add my two cents and say that I don't have a problem with the report being so short like everyone else does. If I get it piece by piece, I can imagine what will happen next in between every turn, which is fun.

Things will become alot more complex and interesting once everyone takes their natural SC's, anyway.
#30 PeaceableGhost[165438]
Update: Our GM's disappeared, so while I'm assuming he'll be back eventually, I have no clue when the next one's coming. *sigh*
#31 wakiki[165484]
Hey PG, can you tell me how you set the game up? Did you use an online judge, or a website, or what? I'd like to try it =]
#32 PeaceableGhost[165485]
There are a ton of online groups that play Diplomacy, either by e-mail or a forum, with either a computer judge or human GM. Just do a Google search or something. I can't find my links.

This groups runs in a sub-forum of Warboards, the forum for the and other .org site network. It's kind of lame right now - there are a few games running, but the guy GMing this game and one of my others disappeared a couple weeks ago. Anyway, it's here:

This variant map was pulled off the site of a guy who does alternate versions. As far as setting it up - I've never GMed an online game. But I imagine it's mostly a matter of grabbing a map from someplace and then using either image-editing software or a specific app to keep the map up to date with the turns. Hope that helps.

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