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"In the air I had floating an engineering bay, a barracks, a factory, and 5 command centers."

#1 [166103]
first admin!
#2 [166104]
Make sure you scroll down that top frame or else you'll miss stuff such as the video on page 6.
#3 WarLeaderJustin[166105]
The game was too short and a tad boring. There was one anti-climatic battle, and that was it!

I liked the idea of including the map and placing important events on it, but the map itself was a little too bulky for my taste. The players didn't even utilize most of the map, why bother including the full thing?

The writing was also a tad dry. To the point, yes, and factually delivered, but dry nonetheless.

Just because it's two pros playing doesn't mean that will result in a good game. I think better game selection would make this report a lot more enjoyable.

Overall, 7.
#4 Psyonic_Reaver[166106]
I like the new creative style has been having lately. This is great! JV, I love how you did the slide show and I think this could become a new impressive feature to use for future battle reports.
I give it a 7 for creativity, and +1 for being written by the most famous nuke god around.

#5 [166107]
Yeah I agree the game sucked. I just reported it because Psy and I are covering the 4 games of the OSL finals...
#6 Greth[166109]
Well, the comments about the game have been made. But that said, I'm gonna go into full fanboy mode here:

I've been awake for 5 minutes when I write this, and saying that this report impressed me is an understatement.

Johnny, I think you started a whole new archtype of battlereporting. Although I think it will hurt the classic battlereport quite a bit (doubled with the vidreps) a lot of people will be intrigued with the written report as made here.

I can even see use this for summaries. :p
#7 [166111]
Great way to handle the report. I think it could get more confusing on bigger more complex games, but it worked well here.

I also thought the game and map were both very intriguing. Stork obviously knew that map very well and used some unique tactics. That pylon trick was hilarious.

Well played game by Stork and well reported JV. Cheers!
#8 [166114]
I added the page numbers, which I had accidentally removed before posting.

Thanks for the comments, again feel free to check out "The Overlay Maker" if you want to put those kind of maps into your reports. Also I can send you the images I have for Zerg and Protoss (no terran yet) for the icons you can stick on the map, to save you time.
#9 Feanor[166117]
A good report...
There's nothing to add about the game or the writing.

I think the text area is too small. Since everybody has to scroll down anyways to see the whole map,(Becasue there is no screen large enough.[Except maybe a 16:9 screen flipped for 90 degrees.]) you cloud have enlagred it by an inch maybe. Saving us from 3 out of 7 secondary scrollbars and improving the clearness of the text commentary at the same time.
Also the overlay text could be better. It lacked a background, or a contrast, seperating it from the image. Maybe something like you did on the first two maps. (I'm so typically German: always complaining. :])

I'd rate this with a 7... +1.5 for being so innovative! = 8.5!

PS.: Btw. The "Start over?" button doesn't work for me. It gives me a "Access Denied. Error 403. No index-document or Folder is protected." error.
#10 [166118]
Yes Feanor I struggled with coming up with an appropriate size for the two windows, that's why I included the radio buttons so you could turn one of them off. Still not ideal.

As for the javascript bug, that sucks, look for a fix to my battle report in Patch 1.1. (lol!!)
#11 Raider[166125]
I actually did not like this report at all. The game itself was basically worthless and skimping out on the description made it only worse.

Second, if I were at home, I probably would not have noticed this since I have a 24" screen there, but right now I am on a laptop with 1024x768 and the images were simply too big for the screen. Besides having to shift around to try and see the entire image, this made the text section seem that much smaller and less significant, essentially making the report into a slideshow accompanied by short and dry commentary. Having images be too big for small resolution is not at all something I would gripe about, but in this case it accentuates the fact that this report is just a few images with little substance besides.

As far as images themselves go, they are fine and would have worked well as a part of a structured description. On their own, however they really do not bring all that much to the table. They are basically a cracked up version of a minimap update.

I understand that it is not possible to make a truly good report out of a rather boring game, but even this game merits more content than is here. A conventional approach to overcome something like this is to present the entire game series in one report (say you and PSY cooperate). That way the reader would leave with a feeling with of having just read an account of a complete event.

In summary, this is a bare bones description of a sub-par game with really sweet minimap updates. I would give this a 6. It's an adequate description of what happened, but there are absolutely no value-adds that categorize a gold report.

I am sorry if my comment is comes off negative--I am actually trying to be objective and not fall all over myself upon seeing JV's name in the report listing....
#12 ZerG~LinG[166127]
Gotta agree with Raider here - the game was balls, had a few interesting moves but nothing special.

I like the idea of trying unconventional presentation, but I'm sorry to say this wasn't the way to go about it. I'm on a freaking 1900x1200 screen here, and I was scrolling up and down in the text area, main area and jesus christ.

Summaries is all good for more digestable reports, but this is definetly not the way to go. Slides is a good idea, but implementation blew. Also, reporting with only a VOD for screenshots must be such a bitch, dunno if I could bring myself to that :'/

In short, everything but the original idea of slides left me wanting, can't see how I personally could rate this over a 6.

If you're planning on doing another slide style report, catch me on aim or something!
#13 [166128]
Yeah I agree, I was more interested in doing the javascript and figuring out how to use "The Overlay Maker" then writing the actual report, because the game was kind of sucky. I realized the double frame approach there for presentation was not quite right, but couldn't see how to fix it. Some day though, when we all have 40" monitors (6000x4000 resolution) the layout will look like a frickin' postage stamp!!
#14 [166159]
I think the world is coming to an end, because I agree entirely with WLJ. This game was just simply boring. The javascript stuff was neat, but it was like putting lipstick on a pig. Also, the lipstick isn't quite that good!
#15 [166163]
Luckily I think Drefsab is going to report game 2, so we should get a more entertaining report. I pretty much did a technology demo here on a bad game. In the interest of completeness however, I did have to report on game 1 if we were going to cover the complete OSL finals.

I think the "super mini-map" has potential. It was probably too big in this report. I enjoy the fancy arrows showing unit attack direction, etc.. The reason I went with it, is often times a battle report has too much text for my liking and I do not have a clear idea of what the current game state is. With the super mini map, it allows you to know exactly what is going on at all times during the report. So even if the report sucked, I think the introduction of that feature was worth it, as perhaps it'll be used in better reports in the future.
#16 wakiki[166370]
Ack, I didn't like this at all. Scrolling around and using two windows was really clunky. A conventional report would have been much better I think.

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