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"Kei is my top ghost. She's the lockdown queen. She's also got an excellent pair of...eyes."


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DateTitleGame TypeRating
Drefsab(7)03/07/09Halo Wars? No Really, Halo WarsOther7.0
Drefsab(35)12/10/07The Deposition of Sergeant MosesStarcraft8.6
Drefsab(128)04/24/05A Serious Look at World HungerOther8.4
Drefsab(51)09/26/04Hold 'em GloryOther8.2
Drefsab(173)01/12/02Surviving in MemoryStarcraft8.5
Drefsab(104)12/16/01You Pissed Off the Wrong GuyStarcraft7.5
Drefsab(58)12/14/01Haha, Some People Still Suck More Than MeStarcraft7.5
Drefsab(102)07/30/01A Day in the Life of a Fan FicStarcraft7.8
Drefsab(105)06/05/01The Origin of StarcraftStarcraft7.5
Drefsab(89)04/04/01The Greatest Starcraft Story Ever Told (no, really)Starcraft8.0
Drefsab(91)02/05/01Drefsab's Q&AStarcraft8.5
Drefsab(72)12/30/00To Kill a Newbie (Chapter 3: Circle of Love)Starcraft8.5
Drefsab(75)12/18/00To Kill a Newbie II (Chapter 2: Cruisin' for a Bruisin')Starcraft7.0
Drefsab(76)12/14/00To Kill a Newbie (Chapter 1: The Siege)Starcraft7.5
Drefsab(108)11/26/00Starcraft: A Love Story IIStarcraft4.8
Drefsab(53)10/24/00An Evening With Jamellan: A Rook's Corner ReportStarcraft8.0
Drefsab(89)10/07/00Using Strifeshadow Tactics in StarcraftStarcraft6.6
Drefsab(65)09/28/00{PH}Thor Vs 1st~Tsunami: Best of 3 battle for an online tourney championshipStarcraft9.2
Drefsab(94)09/01/00My Little BrotherStarcraft7.2
Drefsab(319)07/27/00When Two Worlds Collide (Chapter 4: The Collision)Starcraft9.6
Drefsab(16)07/27/00When Two Worlds Collide (Chapter 3: The Plan)StarcraftNR
Drefsab(19)07/27/00When Two Worlds Collide (Chapter 2: The Game)StarcraftNR
Drefsab(36)07/27/00When Two Worlds Collide (Chapter 1: The Acquisition)StarcraftNR
Drefsab(315)07/22/00The Way, the Truth, and the Life?Starcraft7.0
Drefsab(216)07/13/00Starcraft: A Love StoryStarcraft8.8
Drefsab(78)07/07/00GameOverZ Vs. Fox^1Starcraft7.5
Drefsab(66)06/25/00The Great Battlereporting Contest (Week 3): Six Player FFA!!Starcraft9.3
Drefsab(54)06/17/00The Great Battlereporting Contest (Week 2): Pitt & Fox^1 Vs. Snake and ConfessorStarcraft8.7
Drefsab(66)06/10/00The Great Battlereporting Contest (Week 1): Bob & Kobold Vs. Krone & SyncmasterStarcraft9.5
Drefsab(115)05/16/00More Clan FunStarcraft9.0
Drefsab(318)04/27/00Decisions, Decisions... (an interactive report)Starcraft10.0
Drefsab(93)04/10/00BGH Strat of the Day (Encore Presentation #3: Taking Control of the Game)Starcraft9.6
Drefsab(72)03/24/00A Day in the Life of JimmyStarcraft7.0
Drefsab(61)03/19/00Can the Ethermoon team still play SC? (Zileas & Artius try to prove they can)Starcraft8.3
Drefsab(78)03/16/00The Great DilemmaStarcraft8.5
Drefsab(24)02/28/00A Serious Ladder Game (For Once)Starcraft7.5
Drefsab(57)02/21/00The Cannon Chronicles (Starring "Cannons" as themselves)Starcraft7.5
Drefsab(57)02/17/00The How to Join a Clan Trilogy, 3 reports in 1Starcraft9.0
Drefsab(51)02/11/00The Miner's RevoltStarcraft7.0
Drefsab(44)02/07/00Monday Night Starcraft: Featuring TheRubberDucky Vs. The.ConfessorStarcraft9.0
Drefsab(54)01/29/00Bill & Ted's Starcraft AdventureStarcraft8.0
Drefsab(38)01/24/00Monday Night Starcraft: Featuring Pika_Flare and -JohnStarcraft8.3
Drefsab(61)01/21/00The Hack KillerStarcraft5.7
Drefsab(25)01/19/00Fun on the Ladder (Part 1)Starcraft7.5
Drefsab(51)01/16/00An epic one on one: Killer.on.486 Vs. NewbieMcNastyStarcraft7.0
Drefsab(80)01/11/00Monday Night Starcraft: Featuring Mark4 and KrebsterStarcraft8.8
Drefsab(32)01/09/00A Report Straight From the Front Lines of the New Ladder SeasonStarcraft7.3
Drefsab(28)01/08/00A Temple FFA: Starring TheRubberDucky as GOSU MAN!!Starcraft7.0
Drefsab(35)01/03/00BGH Strat of the Day (Encore Presentation 4: A New Zerg Rush)Starcraft7.7
Drefsab(39)01/01/002vs2 on Dire (Starring: King-Lewis, Pitt, T-Mac, NecroSausage, and CathyOwnz)Starcraft8.4
Drefsab(29)12/26/99-PItt- Vs. I-Ball (Survey Q: Was Pitt Drunk? Type your guess in the comments)Starcraft6.0
Drefsab(35)12/26/99BGH Strat of the Day (Encore Presentation #2: How to Stop a Carrier Rusher)Starcraft8.5
Drefsab(31)12/24/99BGH Strat of the Day (Encore Presentation: Scouting Your Opponent)Starcraft8.8
Drefsab(45)12/19/99BGH Strat of the Day (Strat #5: How to Use Your Arbiters)Starcraft7.7
Drefsab(30)12/18/99BGH Strat of the Day (Strat #4: How to Toast your Opponent)Starcraft8.0
Drefsab(36)12/18/99BGH Strat of the Day (Strat #3: Guarding Your Choke)Starcraft8.2
Drefsab(50)12/16/99BGH Strat of the Day (Strat #2: How to Beat a Terran Turtle)Starcraft8.0
Drefsab(27)12/15/99BGH Strat of the Day (Strat #1: The Ghost Rush)Starcraft7.0
Drefsab(28)12/14/99Terran Vs. Toss on the River StyxStarcraft7.0
Drefsab(18)11/25/99][_urker Vs. Wisecrack: A Toss Vs. Terran game on RivalryStarcraft9.0
Drefsab(23)11/09/99Bob_The_Newt Versus Snowsquall: Clash in the CanyonStarcraft9.0
Drefsab(48)11/07/99Persian-POW & King-Lewis Vs. Ahscar-X & Apex-X (bonus: why people play Temple)Starcraft8.0
Drefsab(47)11/04/992vs2: Mark4 and YRM vs. Twip and Titan-Crusher (Battle of the Smurfs)Starcraft8.3
Drefsab(60)11/01/99Heartcutter vs. Omnipresent_One: TvP Again, GAME 2!!Starcraft9.2
Drefsab(55)10/31/99Heartcutter vs. Omnipresent_One: Another TvP GameStarcraft9.0
Drefsab(40)10/30/99Me and BGH: The Game I ThrewStarcraft6.5
Drefsab(33)10/10/992vs2 PeonRapist and Nomad Vs. Distec and VegettaStarcraft8.0