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"All good galaxy-dominating type persons have scary names. Atilla had The Hun, Vishnu had Destroyer of Worlds, and Martha Steward didn't need one.(She is scary enough.)"
- EldritchEvil's A Journey Into the Stars


For example the search query cattle would return all reports from ~CattleBruiser~. You don't have to type the entire name.


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DateTitleGame TypeRating
Breeze(107)12/06/01My trip to the AMD PG ChallengeStarcraft9.5
Breeze(317)06/10/01For AiurStarcraft9.0
Breeze(102)01/28/01TvZ - More blood - [-Whear-] vs. Mr.XStarcraft9.6
Breeze(50)01/03/01TY: [-Whear-] vs. [o]Mr.X, Game 3, ZvPStarcraft8.8
Breeze(49)12/30/00TY: [-Whear-] vs. [o]Mr.X, Game 2, PvZStarcraft8.4
Breeze(45)12/28/00TY: [-Whear-] vs. [o]Mr.X, Game 1, TvZStarcraft8.4
Breeze(268)09/29/00No Mercy. Part TwoStarcraft9.8
Breeze(271)09/06/00No Mercy. Part OneStarcraft10.0
Breeze(42)08/20/00Teach yourself !Starcraft8.5
Breeze(36)08/13/00[o]Mr.X vs. :+:jolly:+: Game TwoStarcraft9.0
Breeze(45)08/10/00[o]Mr.X vs. :+:jolly:+: Game One!Starcraft9.4
Breeze(63)08/07/00Pools are for weak! =-psyduck-= vs. [o]Mr.XStarcraft8.2
Breeze(75)07/30/00Terran vs. Zerg... so much bloodStarcraft9.3
Breeze(32)07/27/00Breeze and Hyenna learning Dire...Starcraft8.5
Breeze(72)07/19/00T I M I N GStarcraft9.2
Breeze(41)07/17/00Mistakes, mistakes...Starcraft8.0
Breeze(65)07/16/00First reportStarcraft7.7