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Replay Submission

Please do not post more than a few replays a week. IP addresses will be monitored.

Very important rules


  • Don't post iCCup replays to report about them. You will be banned.
  • Don't post replays with disconnects or hacks or cheating You will be banned.

General rules

Please write a short description of the game, a few sentences will do. Good manners. Any replays may be deleted to save on storage space, however the following will be deleted:

  • Any replay with hateful, threatening, harassing, defamatory, racist, or otherwise offensive content.
  • Any replay accusing someone of hacking, or cheating.
  • Replays without a valid or sufficient description.
  • Any replay complaining of a disconnect (For a disconnect on PGT, please read the following news for how to report it: How to Make a Complaint.) ".

The following replays will be preserved indefinitely:

  • Those with a rating.
  • Those submitted by staff / raters
  • Those featured in a battlereport.

  • You are strongly encouraged to post your best games, and strongly discouraged against posting replays 'talking down' a player, or showing recently discovered bugs in the game. is volunteer run, and we simply cannot rate everything. We must all do our best to make this a good site for finding quality battles, from all skill levels. All replays submitted must be your own, or have the approval of at least one (1) combatant.

    Thank you for your contribution!

    (* = required)
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    Game Type: Starcraft 2
    Warcraft 3
    Map Name:
    Game Version:
    (example "beta5" for Starcraft 2 patch 5)
    Game Length:
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    Staff / Rater Password (optional)

    Enter the players featured in the replay, separated by teams. If the game was FFA or there were more than 2 teams, then do not set teams.








    Replays that are zipped will be given preference, if website drive space starts to get full. Zipped replays are up to 1/5th size of non-zipped, save bandwidth, and are easier for modem users to download. Exception: Warcraft III replays are self-compressed, and do not require zipping to save space.
    Replay File:
    (3MB limit, uploading replay packs encouraged!)