New York Shakedown


Short Game(mechanic) Overview:

Deus Ex is an Action Adventure Role-playing First Person Shooter (or AARFPS). The game features a good amount of action with a strong story and a lot adventure-like dialog. The hero gains experience which is spent on skills like swimming, lock picking or the five weapon skills grenades, heavy weapons, rifles, pistols and close combat weapons. Weapon skills are important for accuracy and damage output with that type of weapons. In this game accuracy does not mean the precision of shooting but the speed of aiming instead. Even an untrained hero can shot perfectly. It needs a lot more time though until the crosshair has shrunk to show that an exact shot is now possible. In addition moving doesn’t change the accuracy of a well-trained marksman much but cripples the precision of an untrained one. The player can also pick more specific and powerful special abilities like breathing under water or partial invisibility, which consume energy (like mana). Even the weapons are upgradeable and every aspect is changeable. Accuracy, recoil, ammunition capacity and reload time. Some guns can be equipped with laser pointer, scope or silencer. I’ll skip all weapon upgrades except the silencer and the scope in the report, because these are the only ones that change the usage of a weapon. The game uses an inventory system. So the hero has to choose which weapons and tools he will take with him. With that many options the player it free to choose the style he likes the most. A sneaky close range fighter? Mr “Keys-are-for-girls-I-got-my-rocket-launcher”? Super Sniper with an all seeing eye? The great level design gives everyone a chance of wining.


Chapter 1: Beginning Blasted


Linking up …


Establishing comlink …


Accessing nanobase …


Uplink complete …





J.C. Denton

nano-augmented UNATCO Agent

upgradeable nano-ability system

build in flashlight and IFF-functions

just completed UNATCO – Academy

trained in: hacking computers, lock picking, multitooling and using rifles

has arrived in New York City to begin his work at the UNATCO headquarters


Transmission beginning…


Ah, New York, centre of world economy, gate to America, greatest city on east coast, big apple…  

Well, that apple is a rotten one! This city is as bombed, broken, and rusted as Lady Liberty here on the island. Nobody wants to live here anymore, whoever can afford it, moves away. So just the waste of society is left. And here I am. Straight from Academy for my first day at UNATCO. That’s short for United Nations Anti Terrorist Coalition by the way. This is the day I’ve waited for the last five years. Finally I can do my part in our struggle for a better world. And it needs all help it can get. Terror and organized crime is rising everywhere. To fight those threats James Bond type agents where no longer enough. So we started to argument humans to enhance their fighting powers. Until now we only had mechanical augmentations, which are rather bulky and change the appearance of the owner, so that they look like weird hideous cyborg thingies. Me and my brother Paul are the first with the new Nano-augmentation, which is smaller, more powerful and doesn’t alter the look except the bright blue eyes we have. The best thing about the nano stuff is that it enables me to learn very fast and the ability to upgrade my systems within seconds. Being compatible to the standard batteries and maintance-robots for reloading energy is just…

Wait! Somebody is contacting me via comlink…hmmm, some Alex Jacobson guy.

“Heads up JC! Your brother Paul is on his way to meet you at the docks. The NSF is raiding the island and shots have been fired. I repeat, find Paul! I will monitor your operation from HQ.”

What the… NSF? Here on Liberty Island ??? What does America’s most dangerous terrorist organisation here at the UNATCO HQ? Wasn’t it enough to blow up the statue some years ago?

Find Paul he said…no problem, he’s just coming towards me…  

So that’s what’s going on here…Paul just briefed me about the situation. The NSF targeted a shipment of the “Ambrosia”-vaccine for the “Grey Death” plague, stole it, speedboated it to Manhattan and left some troops to keep us busy. They also captured one of our mech-augmented Agents, Gunther Hermann. Don’t know how that happened, these mechs are known to be serious fighting machines. Because I just got my 10mm and my electric prod with me, Paul let me choose one of three additional weapons, a multifunctional minicrossbow, a 30.06 Sniper or a guided rocket launcher.

Mini Crossbow

A cute addition to your armoury. Even thought often underestimated this little fella can save your day. It can fire three kinds of ammunition. 1: Barely used Light-Darts for enlightening dark areas (the flashlight is always better) 2: normal Darts just for damage 3: “Poison”-Darts. Shoot one of those in the head of someone and a few second later he’ll be down. The range is rather short, but because it’s the only ranged weapon functional under water, the crossbow is very useful. It can be upgraded with a scope and packs 4 darts a clip. For me it’s a must have weapon, because it is the ONLY ranged one working in underwater fights.


This baby is delivered with a scope and fires impressive 30.06mm bullets. It kills anyone with a headshot but needs some skill to operate it in zoom-mode. When the Sniper finally gets its silencer upgrade it becomes a monster that can take out everyone everywhere, except bots of course. This is a must-have for me!

Rocket Launcher

Called GEP-Gun in the game. With its two ammunition types and the “Lock On” feature this is a weapon of mass destruction. First type is a HE-rocket with a small blast range and a very hard punch. It’s effective against everything you encounter. Second ammunition is the phosphor-rocket. Launch one of these babies onto a group of enemies and see them going up in flames. Not useful in close combat situations, you’ll burn yourself. Phosphor doesn’t harm bots though. It’s always nice to have this weapon because you otherwise might lack easy bot-killing abillitys.

Even though I love the Sniper, the rocket launcher is the weapon of choice because they are very rare to get. Paul also gave me a map of the island and told me that an Informant would wait for me on the north dock and that I would be on my own on this mission. Someone high up probably wants to see how I handle the situation. With a little advice he quitted our little talk.

“Remember that we’re police, stick with the prod. It will stun your opponents and knock them unconscious.”

Did he really said that? Those are terrorists… All they deserve is a bullet through the head!


The only close combat weapon that needs ammunition. A nice one for a sneaky ninja or someone who doesn’t want to kill anyone. 1 or 2 shocks make a human unconscious but it’s no that useful in the later game because some enemies are immune. Possibly the best close range weapon until mid-game.

After a little chat with the guarding corporal and short glimpse onto the machine gun armed battle robot I got to work. Rescue Agent Hermann and reach the top of the statue to interrogate the terrorist leader there. That shouldn’t be a problem. When I had checked the few supplies on the dock and choose a baton instead of a crowbar for close up beatings, I got my 10mm out and advanced up the ramp into my first real combat.

Standard 10mm Pistol

A good mid to close range shooter. The clip contains 6 rounds, which do a fair amount of damage. The typical start weapon, rather deadly but its lack of advantages makes you choose other guns fast.

Baton / Crowbar / Knife

The three standard close combat weapons. The Baton only knocks the opponents down while the other two kill them. As a weapon which needs two fields in inventory the crowbar comes 3rd. Ridiculously the Baton is actually better than the knife because it deals more damage… I just use one of these (mainly the baton) for opening crates.

Lets take a quick look… Hmm three NSF Guys on patrol here. I can’t see any heavy weaponry, just handguns. Mr. Jacobson is talking in my head again, about the academy’s stealth course…thanks; I’d never have gotten that idea. So I hide in the shadow around a corner and wait for the first foe to walk by to shoot him…  

There he is! BANG! Headshot, he’s down. Quickly, change position to get a clear view upon the now alarmed other enemies… TWACK…argh, something hit me…from where? There… Sh*t, that’s a fast bastard…to close for my taste…no time to aim, just fire…bang, bang, hit him, he’s still standing, bang…swoosh…DART! He’s got the crossbow… bang, bang…YES! He retreats. But the third NSF-soldier just started shooting at me with his 10mm. My clip is empty, get behind cover, duck, reload…bullets are flying past my hiding spot, catch breath, wait for him to reload…ack, my body burns, damn poison… there, I hear his clip leaving his gun, rise from cover, take quick aim. Two bullets take him out and I’m able to stop Mr. Crossbow-bastard with a carefully aimed shot even though he got pretty far away.  

Whoa, that was a bad start for me. I better use a med kit to tend my wounds. Luckily the nanites in my body took care of the poison fairly fast.

Again Alex Jacobson warned me about something I already saw: A little robot was patrolling the front entrance of the statue. I didn’t think for long, got my Gep-Gun, pointed it at the bot, waited for the missile to lock on, fired and blew him to smithereens. Because the door was also guarded by other security systems, I decided to visit the north dock for more information.  

I scouted to surrounding area and found a patrolling sniper guarding the direct way and four other troopers on the other route. With my last battle in mind I didn’t felt confident enough to take on a sniper while there are other enemies around to play backstabbers. So I started my assault on the pistol armed, separated foes, when he was far away on his patrol. This time my tactics proved successful. I stayed behind cover aimed carefully and took them down with 1 or 2 decisive shots from my 10mm pistol each.

Even though the way to the dock was free now, I was really keen on take out that last one to get his weapon…I like the sniper rifle a lot, I think I’ve said that before, haven’t I? After watching him patrolling some time I cursed myself for dropping the electric prod. There wasn’t even the slightest chance of ambushing him somehow and had to kill or stun him with the first blow and the prod can do that very easily. I knew that I would not be able to headshot him without the time to aim properly. So I only had one chance left, the minicrossbow I took from the guy who had nearly stopped me before. This plan had one drawback; it would give my opponent a few seconds to hunt me with his superior weapon until the poison would knock him out. But I had to try it and had luck this time. The dart hit him in the back and I was around the corner again, running further away when he recovered from the shock of the sudden attack and turned around, ready to fire…half a minute later I returned, taking the sniper from his unconscious body.

I continued towards the north dock and showed the two terrorists there how powerful a correctly operated sniper rifle is.

Shortly after I met the informant, he looked very much like a bum but that didn’t bother me.

He gave me the key to the front entrance and a picture of the NSF leader. Wasn’t very useful that guy… at least I found two sniper and one rocket ammunition packs on the north dock. With them and a new shotgun I returned to the front entrance of Lady Liberty.  

The Shotgun

Nothing special here. Only great for close distances. Aim at the head and one shot will do the job. Bad thing is, the gun only holds 3!bullets a time and reloading takes ages. The second ammunition type is a sabot bullet, that can take out small bot, cameras and automatic guns. I usually keep it but rarely use it.

The key would get me inside unharmed, because the camera, which activated the machine gun needed a few seconds to sound the alarm. But I'd probably run directly into NSF guards. So I choose a safer way. I utilized my hacking skills and deactivated the camera and opened the doors at the control panel on the side of the door.  

I’m inside. Two NSF Grunts are guarding the hall, one on a balcony, the other at a counter. Hiding behind a pillar I come up with a plan. With a quick headshot I’ll take out the upper and concentrate onto the second. Works fine…for the first one. But the other? He’s NOT supposed to do that… he should be attacking me, shooting bullets everywhere… not run away and scream: “Where’s me warn button?” WAIT! Warn button??? CR*P! He’ll sound the alarm; I missed that switch back there! Quick, shoot him before he reaches it… WHEEEEEEEEEEEE… what a mess, should’ve used my sniper… Whoa, four more soldiers… that’ll get rough… fire, take cover, reload, fire again, keep moving… there is far too much lead in the air for my taste. Luckily there is a lot space to move and I’m slowly getting the upper hand.  

So it happened again, I nearly fucked up another fight because I missed something. Furiously I walked through the door, not worrying about the laser trips, which activated the alarm again. Ignoring that fact I checked the rooms and found the prison, where Gunther Hermann was imprisoned. I opened the cell door with a quick hack at the nearby computerpanel.

Gunther was angry because HQ had ordered him to retreat. Obviously he refused to follow that order and was captured. I didn’ t talked to him for too long. He got my pistol to allow him a safe return to the UNATCO-HQ.

I got my crossbow out and walked up the stairs in the back of the great hall. On the next level I found a single guard with his back towards me. A quick dart silenced him very fast, allowing me to follow the corridor instead of advancing up the stairs inside. I chose that way because I was sure that the stairs would be guarded on every level and knew that the statue has also stairs on the outside. This time I was lucky, when I looked out of the door I saw two guards walking away from me. Not wanting to start another fight I just ran out and up the stairs to the next level. With no guards outside on this level, I climbed the stairs to the next. Here I had to go inside again.

Hmmm, four entrances… first is guarded by two terrorists. One with a crossbow the other armed with a pistol… better check the next, seems to be free. Go on… wait, what’s that green shot there? Beep! Grenade! Quick disarm it… beep… beep… done, that was close. Just a gas-grenade, would have alarmed the two guys though, but now I’m can take it and use it. Nice… lets check the other gates… yes, they’re also trapped with gas-grenades. Nothing to worry about, when you see grenades in time, they are easy to deactivate and make a fine addition to my armoury.

Gas Grenades

Produces a cloud of gas which does not kill a foe but stops them. So if there is a group enemies, explode one of these and you have a lot time to shoot them unharmed. But don’t get into the cloud yourself, it would hurt your lung.

Lets look inside… there are the stairs… won’t be able to sneak there, no shadow and my foes watch that area. So I have to take them out first. It’s better to attack them from the side though. Standard tactic again, get close to them with the cover of walls, aim carefully and do precise headshots. Take a quick look upon them… there is a barrel beside them... it has a small yellow sign: “Explosive”. That’ll work even better… Back up a bit, I don’t want to be caught in the blast. Set it of with a 10mm bullet… KABOOOOM!!! Just little pieces of flesh and bones remain…

When I advanced up the stairs, I got a message from Alex. Gunther had safely returned to HQ. He also reminded me to keep the NSF-leader alive and conscious. UNATCO wanted him for interrogation to find out where the barrels with the “ambrosia”-vaccine had been brought.

At the next level I heard another two terrorists talking. Obviously they knew the law was coming for them. They had heard the shooting and the explosion from below and were very afraid to die. What of course was just about to happen... Two headshots punished them for standing with their back to the stairs I was coming up. 

It turned out, that they were the last guards of the terrorist-leader, who was in the next room, just one ladder ahead. He surrendered quickly and I tried to gain information about the stolen vaccine. Refusing to talk about that, he just accused the government to be part of a conspiracy against ordinary people. He backed that up with ridiculous statistics; corporate America would just pay 5% of the taxes while the working class pays 95%… TTT, I said… typical terrorist talk… During this private Q-and-A-session a UNATCO-trooper turned up and said, I should leave the leader up here and report back to base. The troops had been behind me, clearing all the terrorist resistance I had left…

On a box in the leaders room I found something that looked weird. It was a little container, which held some bright blue liquid. I took it for a check-up at the HQ, where I headed, because there was nothing else left to do…


At the front doors Paul waited for me for a little “family debriefing”. As I expected he wasn’t very happy with my style of fighting, or the fact that I was fighting at all.

“Pace yourself, you killed a lot of people tonight.”

My brother is different to what I remember, but maybe that’s what you become, when you work for UNATCO; I’ll have to see … Everything else was just meaningless talk and I proceeded into the HQ.


Chapter 2: Down Under

A few stairs lead me down to a gate, which was guarded by a UNATCO-trooper and a retina-scanner.

With a quick look into the scanner, the door opened and I advanced into the office-level of the HQ. After a bit of exploring I found my office.  

Looks a bit cold, I thought by myself, when my voice in my head told me the login and password of my PC. Checking the mails, I found a bunch of “welcomes”. One caught my eye especially, from Jamie Reyes, apparently the local doc here. I knew someone with that name from university; I’ll have to look after that but first I had to find my boss, Joseph Manderley.

The next room I walked into on my search obviously was the meeting and recreation room. In the kitchen beneath I met Gunther Hermann and another female mech-agent, who introduced herself as Agent Navarre. She didn’t seem to like me for some reason and accused me of “frightening the NSF with baggy coats, which make you look bigger than you really are.” She didn’t like my sunglasses either, which I wear to hide my unnaturally blue eyes… “At least that way we can separate him from his brother”, agent added sarcastically. Well, a lot love from that side; I’ll have to earn my respect the hard way…

When she left to prepare her next mission, I followed her outside the room to look for Mr. Manderley, whom I found right in the next room.  

The debriefing went very good, he was pleased with my performance. We didn’t talk for long, because he ordered me to go to the armoury and the medical centre to prepare for the next mission. I decided to go for the medics first, to check if that Reyes guy really is my old pal. And indeed he is…

We talked for a while, about the past times, what we had done since then and about my augmentations. I asked if the intercom I have in my head could be turned of and to my great surprise he told me, that he couldn’t tell me, because it classified information… I suppose that means no… great! The weird container, I picked up at the NSF-leader in the statue turned out to be an upgrade for my internal nanosystems. It contained two arm-improvements from which I had to choose one. My choice was “Mircrofibralmuscles”, which allowed me to lift large weights.

Nanoaugmentations “Arms”

1) “Microfibralmuscles” enables the hero to lift heavy items like big metal boxes or sofas. Not very useful, except for clearing some way to reach a few more goodies.

2) “Fightingpower” implies to be a very powerful upgrade, but it just increases the damage of close range weapons, which need very special fighting stiles. Either you sneak or you play as bullet- and rocket-prove “nothing can harm me Rambo type”. Additionally some mid-to-late game foes explode on their deaths, which makes it easy to blow up yourself.

In the back of the medical centre I found a corridor, which lead me to another retina-scanner operated door.

Not operational for me though, which is weird because I’m supposed to be one of the top agents. No need to worry about now, I’ve got important tasks. When I left Jamie Reyes the door on the other side caught my eyes, Alex Jacobson Communication Engineer. It looked like I’d found the hiding spot of my head voice… I continued to the armoury and met General Carter (well sorry, he told me that he’s not a general anymore). He is a hero of my youth, he fought the NSF back in the days of the second American civil war, when they had regular forces and weren’t terrorists. He gave me a brand new stealth pistol, which is a perfect replacement for my 10mm pistol.

Stealth Pistol

A beautiful weapon that fires 10mm bullets like the standard pistol. It doesn’t have the same punch but is silenced and has a larger clip with ten bullets. A scope can be attached and it can be used as a “Mini-Sniper” that way.

I thanked General Carter and returned to Joseph Manderley for the briefing of the next mission, but not without visiting the prison cells here in the HQ. On the way to there I also found the office of Anna Navarre and Gunther Hermann. Theirs looked even worse than mine what probably the reason they don't like me that much. With my urge to explore my souroundings satisfied I left the support facilities and went to the briefing. When I arrived, my brother was there already.

Our job was to attack the NSF in Manhattan and retrieve the ambrosia-vaccine they stole. My first objective would be to go to Battery Park and break into Castle Clinton located there. Anna Navarre would be my partner for that part of the mission. With this task completed, I had to travel by subway to Hells Kitchen to take down a hidden NSF power generator, which supports an EMP-Field around the NSF-HQ. When the power is out Paul will lead the actual attack.

With that information we were dismissed and I left the HQ. At the front door I talked to an UNATCO-trooper, who offered to sell me some equipment. I bought a scope for my new stealth pistol and continued to the south dock, from where a boat would take me to Manhattan…  


Chapter 3: Manhattan Blitzkrieg

The ride with the fast motorboat lasted only for a few minutes. No time to come up with new strategies to prevent future battle fuck-ups. I just checked my weapons, reloaded them and landed on Battery Park Dock where Anna Navarre waited for me already.  

She quickly briefed me about the situation. The NSF pulled back into castle Clinton to guard the barrel of the vaccine they weren’t able to get out here in time. The main objective was to recover that barrel but Anna had a different approach:

“First we will exterminate the terrorists. A precious opportunity we cannot neglect.”

Her plan was simple: Block off the entrance and take the place by storm. I wasn’t happy with that procedure, she would be the hero of that battle while I had to stay behind because I didn’t have the right equipment for a frontal assault, a machinegun for example, but she gave me no time to answer and sped of to the castles front gate to block it. I knew she would wait for me to begin and so I to find another way in.

When I saw a child waking on the dock, I remembered the advice they give in the academy. “Listen to children, they are aware of their surroundings and love to play ‘spy-games’.” I bribed the little boy with a candy-bar and he told me that the NSF unloads their speedboats here and go through a secret passage behind the vending machine. My little informant could even tell me the code: 9183! I thanked him and looked around.  

Yes, there is a vending machine. But where is the keypad? … Ah, a little metal box is on the wall, maybe it’s in there… lock pick it… opened, yep a pad. What was the code? 9..1..8..3…… It opens, great. This surely will surprise Anna…

Take out stealth pistol, there are stairs down… quiet … could be guards everywhere. Ha, got ya baddie! ZHAM (not BANG, it’s silenced!)… WHAT THE… he survived the headshot? Sh*t, I forgot my new weapon has less power than the standard 10mm. Pump him with more lead… ZHAM, ZHAM NO, don’t push that butto…WHEEEEEEEE … Whoa, the alarm activated that automatic gun at the ceiling … BANG, BANG, BANG

Quick, into that side corridor! Ah, it’s a dead end, with a camera and there is the terrorist again firing at me with his pistol… BANG…ZHAM, ZHAM… that finished him… but how to get out of here before the backup is here. Hmm, there is a ventilation shaft… crouch inside; I’ll be safe here. Lets see where it leads.  

So this is the end of it, a NSF Soldier is guarding that shaft, while another is patrolling… The patrol has just left, make no sound opening the hatch, aiming… ZHAMZHAM, ha dead you are! 

Oh, there is the other one. ZHAM, ZHAM, he’s got a flamethrower, don’t let him come close, ZHAM, ZHAM, ZHAM, YES! Got him! No barbecue today…  









Incredible powerful on close distances and very large in the Inventory. It’s hard to use because of the range and there is barely any ammunition for it in the game. I do not recommend using it, but I don’t want to be hit by this beast.

I continued my search for the ambrosia-vaccine ran into another guard, which I quickly took care of with some 10mm bullets from my pistol. After sneaking past another camera activated automatic gun, I found the missing barrel hidden in a corner. I quickly contacted Anna Navarre with a little grin in my face to inform her that the mission is accomplished. She took it quite well, venting her anger by killing all terrorists in the castle topside. I stayed underground for a while and searched all the rooms for left foes and useful equipment. Behind a locked door, which I blew with my Gep-Gun, I found another Augmentation-canister for me. It was stored in a safe, whose door was blasted by the rocket explosion as well. There also was a security panel, which I hacked to deactivate all the cameras.  

Nanoaugmentation “Body”

1) “Aqualungs” allow the hero to stay underwater for a longer time. It’s quite useful, because there are some diving passages in the game, which are mostly easier ways to the mission objectives. There is always an alternative though.

2) “Resistance to radiation” decreases the damage radiation and poison inflict on the agent. Not very useful in my opinion because there are not many radiated areas and poisonous weapons are mainly used in the beginning of the game.

After I finished my search I went topside and met with Agent Navarre.

She was a bit disappointed because I was “to gentle with the NSF. But at least you are no coward like Paul.” Paul? A coward? I never saw him that way… but no time to worry about that. Anna gave me a new mission. The NSF took hostages in the Battery Park subway station and my task would be to clear the situation without getting the civilians hurt or killed. Because the terrorist had threatened to blow up to platform, Anna gave me some EMP-grenades.


A grenade against technical structures. Bots, cameras, laser trips or nano-augmented agents. When the hero gets caught in the blast it depletes the energy for the augmentations. Everything else is deactivated but you have to be careful, some larger bots need 2 hits.

With those in my possession I headed towards the subway. When I arrived, UNATCO troops were just fighting against terrorists guarding the station entrance and the wooden huts bums had build. I pulled out my pistol and supported the grunts, who quickly take out the enemies. A quick talk to the troopers didn’t get me any new information, so I proceeded with my mission.

A first recon showed me three NSF watchmen on the stairs down to the platform.

My plan was to attack with quick and decisive force and not sneaky and stealthy, because that hadn’t worked for a few times now. Additionally this wouldn’t give them time to react properly on my assault or to execute the prisoners. I just had to be careful with that booby traps Anna Navarre had talked about.

With my sniper rifle in hand I approached the to of the stairs. Three shots later two terrorists were dead and the third was fleeing severely wounded, probably to warn the others. I had to prevent that and ran down the stairs like lightning. The bleeding coward didn’t come to far. He was stopped when he just passed the laser trips activating the explosives placed everywhere on the subway platform. Luckily these days those things have an IFF system telling them if it’s friend or foe passing. That way I was able to take out the remaining four enemies with ease. Even a shotgun and a flamethrower where no match for the mighty 30.06 bullets, which quickly showed them the route to hell. 

Well, the fourth terrorist had his chance when he cleverly hid behind a pillar after stupidly throwing his weapon away. But I made him even with his comrades when he tried to change cover and met the metal-executioner.

With all human threats out of the way, there was just the booby trap left. An EMP-grenade deactivated the beams for a short time and allowed me to reach the explosives on the platform. I carried all of them into the ventilation ducts and then triggered the explosion. After the blast was over without doing any harm, Alex Jacobson reminded me of my next objectives: “Take the subway to Hells Kitchen and meet your brother there. He will brief you about the generator.” I acknowledged and opened the train doors. 

The automated train started moving just as I was inside and took me to my next adventures in Manhattan. But that is another part of the story that will be told later…


Authors notes:

So that’s it, my first try to write a battle report. I live in Germany and my English-marks were never to good, so I hope my writing is acceptable and understandable. Hopefully Words check-up function eliminated the worst mistakes.

Maybe I should explain, why I choose Deus Ex to report. First thing is, I don’t play any games online, so I have no material for the classic battlereporting games. Obviously that also means I seriously lack knowledge about how these games are played. For Deus Ex things are different, I’ve played this game a lot since I got it in later 2000. I have beaten this game four times and have played it for 50 to 80 percent about 15 more times. With its dense storyline, the semi-clever enemies and the many possibilities to solve the problems, Deus Ex has a lot to make an interesting report. And of course it is my all time favourite action game.

In case some of you wonder, I’m not writing every detail this game has. I’ve cut it down to something what could be the core of Deus Ex. Also this is a mixture of all the times I played the game. The actual game I play right now to take to screenshot serves as a solid foundation for the report but it is spiced up with situations that I’ve encountered in the past.

For this and possible future Deus Ex reports you have to know that I will skip or change every part which does not help with the completion of the missions or doesn’t provide any important piece of equipment. Also I won't decribe the normal human enemies in detail because the danger the pose largely depends on their weaponry and not the uniform they are wearing. I will give detailed informations about more special foes, who may appear in future parts.


The Fun Part:

Somewhere back in 2002 I saw something very interesting. I was looking at the Manhattan skyline when something struck my mind. Try to figure to out what I mean yourself. Here is a picture of the skyline as it’s seen from Liberty Island in the game.  

Do you see it? No? Let me help.

The game was published in 2000…and the World Trade Centre is missing! They knew it!!! 1 year in advance… :-)


With that little thing I’ll quit. I hope you’ve enjoyed the report. I’d like to thank Word for helping me with the English language, FrontPage for allowing me to do html without knowing anything about it, Zerg~Ling for his CSS-Guide which really helped my crappy format and Lucky Newbie for making me do this…

PS.: While I was writing this there was one particular thought from CattleBruisers battlereporting-guide. "I need about 1 and a half hour to write a report" Hmmm, it took me a whole month finishing this one ... maybe I have to work on my speed too.

PPS.: Lots of kudos to Zerg~Ling and ~CattleBruiser~! It were your reports that made me love battlereports and yours are still my favourite ones ... so please, start reporting again!!!

Link to the following part: Generating Hell