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Date Title Rating # Downloads Version Summary
Wade (0)December, 22nd 2014 Zerglings vs ProtossNR 491
latest How to win with nothing but time.

It's a computer, but for demonstration.

Life Lings don't impress me one bit.

Zergling > Archon
Zergling > Zealot
Zergling > Stalker
Zergling > Sentry
Zergling > Choke point
Zergling > Dts
Zergling > Colossi
Zergling > Cannons
Wade/Craftmatic3 (0)November, 30th 2014 Three Archer Not PerfectNR 465
latest this is my first time doing this in a long time, maybe over a year.

Heroes only, start with Dark Range, then Naga, then Priestest, and try to kill a Normal computer, preferably get a perfect game, which I have done before, but this time i screwed up some.

When I've practiced it a little, I can do this vs the Insane without losing a Hero.
wade/craftmatic (3)February, 15th 2014 3v3 hunters winNR 574
 A little weird, enemy has very weak player i think.
Chobolcho (0)November, 24th 2013 Klink (T) VS Morph (P)NR 563
 This is one of my first game which I win against a Protoss. It's a very tight match.
Lion(OD) (0)October, 13th 2013 LIONvsZIMPNR 599
Wade (2)October, 7th 2013 Hunting tt vs zp FE zerg w B SNR 523
 Double Platinum > Platinum Diamond.
Wade (0)October, 6th 2013 Hunting Diamond tpvsztNR 571
 6 or 7 time Double Diamond team goes down to Plat and an unranked.

I don't know why Diamond Zerg doesn't make banelings.
Wade (0)October, 5th 2013 Reclaimation tt vs zp marine marauderNR 554
 Why Marines need a nerf vs Protoss.
Wade (1)October, 5th 2013 Isle of MarinesNR 535
 To show a guy something.

It's vs elite computers.
Wade (0)October, 4th 2013 Graystone Ravine ttvszp humans rush bioNR 522
 We decide to do a high aggro attack, and get a lot done.
Wade (0)October, 4th 2013 Hunting PTvsPZ Whooping TimeNR 520
latest enemies build right into our unit composition.
Wade (0)September, 22nd 2013 Solo These NoobsNR 560
latest Protoss ally leaves immediately, so my opponents believe they have the advantage.

They don't.
Craftmatic3 (1)September, 12th 2013 Ud vs Hu dk lich vs mk pandaNR 533
 Two terrible blunders, but can I pull it off?
Craftmatic3 (0)September, 12th 2013 Ud vs Hu dk lich vs mk pandaNR 497
 Two terrible blunders, but can I pull it off?
Wade (0)September, 6th 2013 Whirlwind Mutas vs Hydras GoldNR 513
latest This works really well against the Elite and Insane computers, so I did it in player vs player.

Opponent does well. I think he is Gold league.
Wade (0)April, 27th 2013 orc vs orc 1vs1 winNR 555
 low econ vs fe
Wade (3)April, 27th 2013 orhu vs huhu 2vs2 decent winNR 522
 I was trying practicing storm bolt and banish combo. Alliy's TC cleans house.
Wade (0)April, 27th 2013 win vs lvl 22 timmercilessNR 543
 My opponent was clearly toying with me, and I should have lost, but somehow hold on and get a win.

I have no idea why he was so arrogant and didn't creep at all, other than he thought he was going to shine me on.

If he played right I would have had no chance, so while this was also a win, I really don't get it. I never harrassed or scouted, which is stupid on may part, but don't get the timing of how and win I'm supposed to be pressuring a decent Hu player.
nrg (0)April, 21st 2013 bambooVSmewNR 541
lion(OD) (0)April, 21st 2013 lionvspoeticNR 527
Johnny_Vegas (0)March, 29th 2013 awesome HOTS ZvP, 40 min back n forthNR 531
hots Awesome ZvP
Wade (3)October, 1st 2012 Frontier 3vs3c biggest comeback everNR 559
 Brutal TTT (humans) vs TTZ (computers).
With a near-impossible comeback.
My allies didn't speak english, I think.
Yes, if it was human opponents we lost, but oh well.
wade (0)September, 30th 2012 ulaan deeps 3v3c vh awesomeNR 545
 3 protoss players vs 3 protoss computers.

Showing something to ally.
wade (0)September, 30th 2012 ulaan deeps 3v3c vh NR 539
 showing a guy something
Colbert(OD) (0)September, 30th 2012 replay pack of several games on iccup, mostly zerg!NR 392
 many good games!
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