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(# of comments)
Date Title Rating # Downloads Version Summary
PLOwbie (0)May, 30th 2012 cannon/10p openingNR 472
 example replay
iSHonoR (0)May, 23rd 2012 iSHonoR vs QuanticHawk, iSHonoR vs ROOTCatZNR 370
 3 Replays. 2 vs known top level GM zergs (Hawk and CatZ) and one vs an unknown zerg. I am currently ~1300 points masters protoss. Failed immortal sentry push, successful immortal sentry push and a long weird game.
iSHonoR (0)May, 5th 2012 iSHonoR vs aiSiRobinNR 579
 Game 2 in a bo3 where I open with a delayed exp into phoenix play, game goes to 30 mins and is pretty back and forth.
iSHonoR (0)May, 4th 2012 iSHonoR vs LiquidShethNR 561
 Me vs Sheth, I open DT and he holds. Interesting game.
iSHonoR (0)May, 2nd 2012 iSHonoR vs EGLzGamer and iSHonoR vs BnYdiceNR 363
 3 best of 3s, me vs LZgamer twice and me vs BnYDice once, all pretty great games.
iSHonoR (0)April, 28th 2012 iSHonoR vs OneTrickPonyNR 542
 Game opens with me going one base colossus, him going blink stalker. Base trade ensues and shit gets crazy from there.
iSHonoR (0)April, 11th 2012 Me vs FXOMoonanNR 579
 Decent game on Shakuras, PVT. My play hasn't been stellar lately but this game felt pretty alright.
Praetor (0)March, 20th 2012 March 20 NH FFANR 583
 Looooong. Tower Defense.
Wade (0)March, 17th 2012 1vs 4 insane victoryNR 465
 The computers are Insane difficulty and all allied against me.

This is entirely too long, but I post it here for record's sake.

It took about 15 tries all together.

This is easily the hardest vs computer challenge I have ever won. much harder and longer than 1vs 7 computers in Broodwar.

On this difficulty, the computers have a 40% mineral cheat and a 50% gas cheat, so they have huge armies at all times.
Wade (0)March, 14th 2012 Tyrador Keep Hilarious 2v2NR 442
 Double perfect game. No units lost.

I'm supposed to be fast expand and my ally goes and kills both players by himself...without losing a unit.
Wade (2)March, 12th 2012 Hat trick vs cannon rushNR 440
 This was one annoying game. it's TT vs Pz and they cannon rush me and I didn't see it in time...

Watch this pull a rabbit out of the hat and win the game.
Wade (0)March, 12th 2012 3v3 this is why RT sucksNR 459
 Yellow ally leaves, and I guess I should have left right away, but decided to try to win it...
Wade (0)March, 12th 2012 CF 3v3 plat vs diamondsNR 454
 Underdogs win on good communication mostly.

Also, I had paused the game and went afk for about a minute or two, but the enemies unpaused, so there was a slight lapse on my part.
Wade (1)March, 12th 2012 Cinder Fortress 3v3 too complicatedNR 451
 3v3 TTT vs PTZ

This is just too damn complicated.

I know I wass weakest player in the game, but the cross race matchups are impossible to prepare an army. I don't even know what the hell I was supposed to be doing.

This was 3 platinum vs 3 diamond as well.
Dino Din (1)March, 8th 2012 NH SC2 FFA 1NR 521
Hqdri (1)March, 2nd 2012 Protoss imbaNR 496
1.41 A game with lot of apm and skills
iSHonoR (0)February, 10th 2012 iSHonoR vs ST_RainbowNR 542
 Good game on Cloud kingdom, he opens proxy hellion harass into expand while I go robo. Turns into a 30 minute game.
iSHonoR (0)February, 1st 2012 iSHonoR vs esahara.NaamaNR 590
 Me vs Naama on Arid Plateau.
MisterFred (4)January, 27th 2012 TvZ MacroCoversErrorsNR 614
 I used this replay to test some graphics settings.
T_Mac (0)January, 23rd 2012 Epic 30 min game vs GM TerranNR 567
 NA ladder 30 min PvT
iSHonoR (0)January, 21st 2012 iSHonoR vs YaTa, GM protoss PVPNR 588
 He opens phoenix and I open robo / expand. Tense standoff and back and forth for a lot of the game.
iSHonoR (0)January, 21st 2012 iSHonoR vs EGAxslav, Playhem, long PVPNR 488
 Long game on Cloud kingdom for Playhem tourney, round 2. Action doesnt pick up for a while, interesting unit mixes and some decent plays.
iSHonoR (0)January, 17th 2012 Me vs Everize, NA GM Terran playerNR 465
 Long game on Metropolis (GSL Map). From the RO8 of a recent Playhem daily tournament. Highlights some of my weaknesses (over producing probes, choosing some poor engagements and late game inexperience in micromanaging large armies). I ended up losing the series 1-2.
iSHonoR (0)January, 17th 2012 iSHonoR vs FXO.asdNR 484
 me vs code A terran FXO.asd from a recent playhem tournament. Not a fantastic game but more of a 'look at who I got to play' replay.
iSHonoR (0)January, 5th 2012 Playhem Casted game - PvZ mothership rushNR 516
 As title says, casted game in Playhem 75$ daily. Mothership rush. Notice the void ray charge and overseer sniping. Honestly kind of a silly game.
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