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"And lo', there floated,"
"A great yellow blimp!"
"It sent out small fighters,"
"and moved like a gimp."

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win vs lvl 22 timmerciless
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Date: April, 27th 2013
Game Length:20-ish
Game Type: Starcraft 2
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Team #Player NameRace
2Timthe mercilessHuman
Replay Description:

My opponent was clearly toying with me, and I should have lost, but somehow hold on and get a win.

I have no idea why he was so arrogant and didn't creep at all, other than he thought he was going to shine me on.

If he played right I would have had no chance, so while this was also a win, I really don't get it. I never harrassed or scouted, which is stupid on may part, but don't get the timing of how and win I'm supposed to be pressuring a decent Hu player.
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