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"KGB special tactic: Marines vs D-temp without cloak detection"

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DinoDin vs. Pillars
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Date: December, 20th 2001
Game Length:17:00
Game Type: Strifeshadow 1.02
Replay File: Download (104671 bytes)
Replay Rating: 8.0, # of Ratings: 2, Max: 8, Min: 8
Lifetime Rating for Pillars:
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Replay Description:

DinoDin (Accursed) against Pillars (Sylvan). A game played at around 4 am, two bleary-eyed competitors face off. DinoDin attempts a fast hive rush, catching Pillars teching to spiders. Pillars dons his superman pajamas, narrowly escapes the initial onslaught of small insects, and calls upon the godly archers of the forest to defend his land.
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