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Team Vegas VRS Team Ape on Dire!
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Date: 11/01/99 10:11
Game Type: Starcraft
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I’m back!

It’s been a while since I’ve written a report under this name. As a few people know, I’ve been smurfing as AQD3/dbCAS for the past couple months. Yeah, that’s right, the whole retirement thing was a little bit of fiction. I did it for a couple reasons. First, it was getting tiring to have the first thing I did on typing /ignore (geek) for two or three people. Second, I really wanted to get back into writing reports without the pressure to have each one be “better” or more graphically intense than the last. I think I managed to revive a little bit of respect for the text only report. All the stuff I wrote about in my reports about my respect for Whoop, Silent-Strike, and several others is entirely true. Nothing fake about that. I took the advice people gave me to improve my game, and I think I’m a better player for it. I’m not ending my series of reports on my ladder games either, you can expect some more in the future. I hope nobody’s terribly offended by my deception. By the way, the very best part of smurfing was telling all the people who thought AQD3 should play Mark4 “No, he’s a god. I wouldn’t stand a chance.” =]

I whipped out yet another smurf for some laddering yesterday, Glock22. I broke out a 6 game winning streak on ladder to 1146 (twice as terrans no less!) and was looking for a seventh when DisgruntledApe whispers me for a team game on Dire Straits. I’ve always been a fan of Dire and there is only so many times you can play temple in a row. I joined the game and found I would be facing Ape and Squick. We sat around and chatted for a few minutes before realizing no one else was coming. Ape started whispering people, and just as we were about to give up, none other than Johnny_Vegas walks in. Well, with the man himself on my side, how could I lose? After a false start where we had to restart cuz Johnny didn’t get to pick his race, the game began.


Team Vegas takes the field and the crowd goes wild!

I had my traditional protoss and the lower left island, Johnny picked terran and got the upper left. Ape randomned to terran in the lower right and Squick got zerg in the upper right. I had gotten owned in a Dire game with Oddity a little while before and he inspired me to try a new strat. Johnny decided to forgo his usual four vulture drop opening for a mass wraith strat. The build I did was designed for mass ground troops, getting templar as my only tech choice. It ended up looking like this:

8: Pylon
9: Assimilator
11: Gateway
14: Cybernetics Core
15: Pylon
17: Robotics Facility
17: Citadel of Adun
22: Gateway
24: Shuttle
24: Templar Archives

From that point on I concentrated on pumping out dragoons and templar, getting a shuttle when I could afford it. Johnny scouted with his first few wraiths, and found Ape was going with a similar mass wraith strat.

“I’m taking a chance and early expanding Johnny. I think I have a window of opportunity here.”
“Go for it.”

I went with the safe expansion site, the island right between me and Johnny. As I’m setting up a few cannons and a gateway Ape and Squick make their play. They come into my main with eight wraiths, six mutas, and a few scourge. I have five dragoons and a templar. I get off one storm and send out my distress call.

“Help. Help!!!!!”
“God here. Give me ten seconds.”

I waited for Johnny to come save me. I have only one cannon at my main because I had been confident in my mass dragoon strategy to save me from air. Too bad the early expansion left me too weak to take a double air rush. I don’t think even a corsair rush would have helped me too much since Squick brought scourge with him. My poor little dragoons start huddling around the cannon as concentrated fire starts taking it’s toll on them. I’m down to two dragoons when Johnny comes in. As he told me afterwards, cloaking finished exactly as he fired his first shots at the mutas. Johnny’s five wraiths cloaked and started tearing things up. Squick ran his forces and Johnny took some pot shots at Ape’s wraiths, killing quite a few before Ape ran away.

”Johnny, you are my personal savior.”
“I know =]”

We haven’t been too offensive to this point, and Team Vegas just doesn’t have enough force for a serious assault on a main. I finish my expansion and put down a few extra cannons at my main to prevent a repeat of the last attack, pumping templar and dragoons when I can. I look up and see Johnny is merrily popping overlords, doing hit and runs to avoid mutalisk retribution.

Don’t these guys ever stop attacking?

Ape and Squick make the next offensive move also. I’ve pumped out a few observers by this time and I spot what can only be described as a “horde” of air units bearing down on my expansion. With a quick squeak of “Johnny! Johnny! The bad men are back!” I prepare my defenses. I have two templar with one storm each, and a single dragoon trapped by poor cannon placement to defend with. Of course, those four poorly placed cannons won’t be a bad thing… As the forces come in I get off one storm, only to have Squick micro his way around it with minimal damage. That’s the bad thing about templar. Good players can get around them. I let off my second storm from the other templar and score a little bit of storm time on Ape’s wraiths. Then I get to sit back and watch while concentrated fire kills my cannons one by one. Nothing is more embarrassing than losing a protoss expansion to wraiths =p. This is all before Johnny arrives of course.

“I just put Top Gun in the stereo.”
“I love you Johnny. In the manly and entirely heterosexual way one man can love another for his starcraft skill.”

Johnny has about eight wraiths. He circles around my island to the lower right part and concentrates fire on the single overlord Squick brought, quickly bringing it down. His remaining wraiths get a few mutalisk kills before Squick once again shows the better part of valor. Which leaves only Ape’s forces to deal with. Unfortunately Ape has about ten wraiths left, all my cannons are down, and Ape starts cloaking. Johnny had used a comsat just as he came in and gotten a few wraiths, but it had run out and he didn’t have enough energy for another. I select my closest observer and watch in pain as the non speed upgraded little bastard starts ambling to my expansion from two islands away. Johnny drops a few marines and some medics on the left part of my island away from where Ape is currently doing his damage. A single dragoons pops out just as the observer arrives and I attack along with Johnny’s marines. A quick comsat from Ape lets him kill my observer, then he starts killing the ground troops. But Johnny isn’t done quite yet. As I make a few cannons that are quickly killed, Johnny finally gets enough for comsat and starts killing Ape’s wraiths. Ape takes the last few and runs.

I looked over the smoking ruins of my expansion. Well, it wasn’t that bad. I still had all my buildings except for the cannons. And we had killed a lot of air. I dropped another four cannons and cranked some probes there. Johnny took this opportunity to expand to the top middle island, which I dropped a templar and dragoon on for general principle. Johnny appreciated this sign of good partnership and droped a few more M+M at my expansion. About this time Johnny notices that Squick has taken the right island between him and Ape.

“You want to take that out?”
“I don’t have a lot of troops.”

No they don’t

I had mobility problems right then and I didn’t want to send in a low amount of troops to get slaughtered without doing much. Squick took the offensive once more, This time doing a four overlord hydra and zergling drop on Johnny’s new expansion. I got off one psi storm as they came in, getting a nice shot on some zerglings. Johnny had a single tank and bunker to defend with. My dragoon was swarmed after getting only two or three shots off. I loaded up four shuttles of troops at home, cursing as I saw that the speed upgrade was going to be another minute or two. When I looked back I saw Johnny killing the last hydra with five SCVs.

“I’m coming”
“You’re late! My SCVs took care of it while your dragoons malingered.”

I elected to drop my five dragoon and two templar payload on the island anyway just in case our opponents got any funny ideas. So where was Ape during this whole deal? Setting up an expansion on the bottom island. Johnny did his thing where he catches his breath after a big battle and then comsats all the open expansions. Ape had turrets all over the place except for the bottom right corner. Figuring that he would be entirely protected in a minute I went with a weak drop, sending in two shuttles with three dragoons and two templar. I start off with a decent storm killing four SCVs, then I get hit by eight wraiths from Ape’s main. I get a few storms off but Ape is microing and I only get two kills. Johnny’s wraiths wait helplessly outside, unable to do any good with the heavy turret cover. Johnny does get off a quick comsat, letting me kill four more wraiths while SCVs come in to attack the dragoons. I end up losing both my shuttles because I was intent on storming, along with the embarrassment of SCVs killing my dragoons. =p

I look back at my main and see it has run dry for minerals.

”Johnny, I need the middle.”
“No problem. It’s all yours.”

Crunch time

I send sixteen probes to the big middle island on the left. Johnny sends marines, SCVs, and tanks. I get to expand and he gets to defend it. Fair, right? =] I’m low on minerals so I start cranking out templar from all my gateways. Johnny does a quick scan of the right middle island and we see Squick has expanded there. So we are dead even on expansions. Team Ape has been the agressor all game, and they don’t plan on stopping now. Squick decides to contest the middle left island we just took and comes in with a ten overlord drop on the top part of the island. Johnny already had his science vessels in motion. As my templar arrive from the bottom half of the island I see mass hydras and zerglings starting to attack Johnny’s bunker/tank set up. I start storming and Johnny start irradiating. It’s amazing how fast those two effects will clear out a zerg drop. Ape joins the fun with three dropships. He loses one to cannons on the way in because he was too eager to get there and picked a bad flight path. I was waiting on my templar as the first marine popped out. 73, 74, 75 STORM! Both remaining dropships go down, the marines that managed to get out dead.

“Oh my God. You realize we took that massive drop and I lost 4 SCVs? That’s it, 4 SCVs!”
“Man that was Godly!”
“They lost way too much there. They must be wide open.”
“Let’s rock them.”

Johnny scans the right middle and see six of Ape’s wraiths sitting around. In a nicely executed move he sweeps in with cloaked wraiths and kills them before Ape can react. The drop zone was clear…

”Johnny, I said this before but I love you =]”

It was time to strike back. Team Vegas had been just taking hits all game, waiting for our chance. Here it was. If ever someone had overextended themselves, it was now. I took five shuttles with eight goons and four templar to the middle right island. Johnny comsated just before I went in and six zerglings were waiting for me. Johnny takes exception to the zerglings beating on my goons and dmatrixes the three that were being attacked. Squick sends in twelve hydras from the top part of the island while my goons beat on the newly morphing hatchery in the bottom. Two storms clear out the bulk of the hydras, letting Johnny get a couple irradiates off on the rest.

“What the heck did you storm that last hydra for? He was irradiated!”
“Uhm…I like storm?

You want a little of this? Do ya?

Ape tries to help Squick with his depleted air force. Johnny has some valks and wraiths waiting and Ape pulled back rather than face his wrath =]. Squick keeps pouring troops into the middle, trying a three guardian and eight hydra attack while my attack is stalled in the bottom due to the sunkens on the top of the island. I get off a storm on the guardians, then Johnny’s wraiths easily kill the severely damaged units. Squick pours in more and more hydras, losing them all but wearing down our forces. I’m down to a goon and two templar when I load up another eight dragoons and eight templar from my main and move to reinforce the attack. Just as I drop I find out why Ape hasn’t been helping out too much. A wandering dragoon spots a tank and three control groups of marines on the bottom right part of my main! Damn, I hate it when that happens. I have one templar and four goons. That just won’t cut it. With yet another cry for help directed to Johnny, I send in my templar and get off one good storm. I get quite a few marines and damage the tank, but the marines still fell into the category of “too damn many”. Ape sent in his troops and I started moving my dragoons back, drawing the marines into cannon range to buy time. I queued up three dark templar in the gates at home. Johnny’s five science vessels arrive and Johnny alternates between dmatrixing dragoons and irradiating marines. A few seconds later the battle is even and Johnny’s tank and a few marines arrive. Ape keeps attacking with his marines when my dark templar pop out. I counterattack with them, and the number of marines in turret range isn’t enough to stop me with the addition of my dragoons. I finally manage to stop the incursion.

With the pressure off back home, Johnny slaps a few more dmatrix on my goons at the middle right island and I run over the top part of the island. I’m left with six dragoons and eight templar. Squick saw all the fun Ape had attacking my main and figured he could have just as much fun at Johnny’s. I saw a ten overlord drop on the far right part of Johnny’s island and sent a reserve force of four templar and four dragoons from the middle left island. Johnny had a nice defense set up with a tank behind bunkers. Squick used his zerglings to go for the tank, then sent in his hydras. It was a good plan right up until Johnny irradiated his tank =]. Squick pulled back his hydras as they were getting torn up by the tank and bunker. My force arrived and I dropped a storm or two on the hydras, then helped Johnny finish with a marine dragoon combo. One sad note. We all need to have a moment of silence for Bob the SCV. You see Bob was the one Johnny made repair the tank so it would last through the battle. Yup, the irradiated tank. =]

“So, why did you repair that tank? It wasn’t being attacked anymore..”
“Let’s just say the SCV died for the greater good =p”

Why I pick Toss on islands =]

We were one expansion up on Team Ape. I sent a probe over to the middle right and started setting up a nexus and pylon array. If they couldn’t take this down quick they were in trouble. Our resource advantage would allow us to win the game. Team Ape realized this too. Squick was out of resources at this point, but Ape was still kicking. Ape sent in all his forces on the bottom of the middle island. I saw four dropships, quite a few valks, and some wraiths. 24 marines and two tanks is nothing to ignore. I sent my six dragoons in to draw fire while I moved the eight templar up. That’s 24 storms available. One per marine =]. I started ripple casting storm and turned the bottom of the island into one big lighting storm. I didn’t lose a single unit.

“Storm another three times, you missed a marine.”
“Okay. =]”

With this final failure, Team Ape decided they couldn’t win and withdrew from the field of battle. Team Vegas was triumphant!


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