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MoM: Right to Life
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Date: 04/17/06 08:04
Game Type: Other
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MoM: Right to Life
Welcome, readers, to another Master of Magic report. I promised in my first MoM report to do a writeup of the possibilities in a hero-based game, and today, I deliver. No knowledge of MoM mechanics is necessary for the enjoyment of this report, but if you're unfamiliar with MoM and you want an understanding of the game mechanics, bone up using the link above.

A monitor resolution of 1024x768 is recommended. The report size is about 1.5M, so those of you with slower connections may want to wait a bit before digging in. The file is meant to be read in Moz, but it "works" in IE.

In this report, we will follow the trials and tribulations of one mage, as he bends his will towards learning all the secrets of life magic. As a scion of white arts, our protagonist will be susceptible to the violent depredations of wizards practising more barbaric magics. Can Good triumph over Evil? The fates of two worlds depend on one great leader.

Who has the leadership and courage necessary to safeguard the city-states of Arcanus from rapine and slaughter? Who has the vision and discipline necessary to save the unworthy folk of all the lands, by spreading the Good News from the Book of Life? There is one man, I say, and one man only!

Who can this man be?

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