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Real-Time Diablo II
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Date: 05/29/07 01:05
Game Type: Other
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New Report, New Game, New Format

Alright folks, welcome, this is going to be a Diablo 2 report, but this is going to be done in sort of a "Real Time" style. I will be updating the file as I play the game and you, my loyal readers, will be able to follow along with the action more or less as it happens. This means less effort on my part (I just have to update, instead of working for a long time on a report,) and, hopefully, a more enjoyable experience on your part because of the continuing nature of the game.


The report may be found here:

Since this isn't a normally reported game, I have decided to sort of split this report up into two sections. What you are currently reading will be the section where I attempt to expound and explain (with my limited knowledge) parts of the game which are not directly involved with my gameplay (basically, anything that I feel would slow down the actual report will go here;) meanwhile, the report will be seperate from this and will only explain important aspects of gameplay as they come up and affect the game itself (for example, I will only discuss the usage of the item modifier "Crushing Blow" when it's effects are a neccessary part of the progression.) I hope that this is acceptable to you, and none too confusing to those of you who are unfamiliar with the game.

The fact that I don't know the amount of exposure my readers have had to this game leaves me at quite a disadvantage, so to keep things simplier for me, I will explain things here as requested by you, the readers. I feel this provides both of us an easier avenue for reaching our ultimate goal (juicy battlereport goodness.) Also, any helpful info received from more knowledgable people in the comments may be included either here or in the report proper to shore up my lack of knowledge of any subject applicable.

I do hope you enjoy the report, all questions/comments/flames are more than welcome. Remember, also, that this is an ongoing adventure, so any advice or hazards you may wish to impart on me throughout will be taken into consideration and either implemented, ignored, or laughed at, depending on the response required.


Alright, my first clarification will be of the "/players" setting. Using this, a player (non-Realm players only, though,) may set the difficulty of the monsters to the same level as if there were up to 8 other people in the game. This is due to the fact that Diablo 2 is designed to scale monster hit points and experience given with each new player, to keep the game from being too easy with a large party. This also has the added benefit of increasing item drops from creatures. Or, more specifically, decreasing the chance that monsters will drop nothing, thus giving you more items and more items that will be affected by any magic find gear you are using. It's a commonly used feature when leveling through Normal and Nightmare, most people reduce it to /players 1, the lowest setting, once in Hell, though. The added time it takes to kill monsters is generally not considered worth the increased item drops, at that point.

I think I should also expound a little bit on the differences between the difficulty levels. The difficulty levels are as follows: Normal, Nightmare, and Hell. To proceed to the next difficulty level you must finish the one before it (by defeating Diablo in classic, and by defeating Baal in the expansion [which is what I'm playing.]) You gain a new title for defeating each difficulty level, and become able to move up to the next one. In normal difficulty, you encounter very few immune monsters and boss monsters have only their base attributes.

In Nightmare difficulty, your resistances and those of your mercenary are decreased by 40, making elemental damage more effective vs you. Mercenaries and summons do reduced damage (35% of their usual damage) against Act Bosses. Life and mana leech effects, chilling effects duration, and freezing effects duration are cut in half. If your character dies in Nightmare, you receive a loss of expierience equal to 5% of the difference between your current level and the next. For instance, if your current level was reached at 1,000,000 experience points and your next level would be achieved at 2,000,000 you would be charged a loss of 5% of the difference (in this case, 5% of 1 million;) however, you can not drop to a lower level than you currently are (so if you just leveled up, you don't lose any experience, or very little at the most.) Retrieving your corpse at the spot where you died retrieves 75% of this loss. Monsters AI, levels, attributes, resistances, experience, skill levels, and damage all increase. More monsters are encountered with immunities, and certain monsters may have multiple immunities. Boss monsters gain an additional modifier to their abilities. In Nightmare "guest monsters" are introduced, meaning you may encounter monsters in areas other than they are originally from (for instance, finding fallen shamen and fallen from Act I in Act V,) and continue through Hell difficulty, as well. Many areas have an enlarged area in Nightmare difficulty, as well.

In Hell difficulty, the experience loss for death is increased to 10%. Monster AI, resistances, level, hit points, experience, damage, skill levels, and attributes are all increased above those levels of Nightmare. There are more Unique (boss) monsters in Hell, difficulty, and each Unique monster gains an additional 2 modifiers. This is most obvious in the case of Super-Unique monsters (such as Corpsefire, and other monsters that are always in a certain location in the game) as they always have the same base modifier/s (the one/s they have in Normal) plus the two they receive in Hell. The modifiers from Normal are always present on the monster (for instance, Corpsefire is always "Spectral Hit") but the additional modifier received in Nightmare does not neccessarily also occur in Hell (for instance, if Corpsefire received the attribute "Fire Enchanted" in Nightmare, he may or may not have it in Hell.) Mercenary and summons damage is reduced to 25% against Act Bosses. Life and mana leeching is reduced 2/3rds, while freezing and chilling effect durations are cut by 3/4ths. Certain areas have enlarged maps, even farther increased from their size in Nightmare.


-<3, maar

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