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All Hail King Lucky
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Date: 05/31/07 06:05
Game Type: Starcraft
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All Hail King Lucky

Alright here I go again! I've been out of the loop for almost a year on this whole battle reporting business but it seems that with Starcraft 2 announced I've been itching for some action and seeing as it isn't coming by itself, I set out to find it. The only problem was that it came in the form of LuckyNewbie. You all know him as the self proclaimed ruler of, netorius comment section breaker, and 24-hour spam removal junkyard dog. Unbeknownst to him, I saved replays of our last three games in an attempt to show you the greatness that is King Newbie and so I present for all of, Game 1.

Map: The Lost Temple

LuckyNewbie always randoms and fortune granted him with Protoss at the 9 o'clock position. I was allowed to live my simple life at the 6 o'clock starting point. My idea was to do my normal Protoss vs Random strategy which is to get a pylon, gateway, assimilator, and then a Cyb. Core because I have a 2 out of 3 chance of him being Protoss or Terran in which case, the gas will be handy. If he was Zerg, I would be in big trouble because going that early of tech was inviting a zergling rush. As I scouted the map and discovered Lucky's race, I was glad of going the early assimilator because from what my scouting probe could see, we were mirroring build orders up until this point. I didn't find out what tech route he was going because I lost track of my Probe and let it get killed by a wandering Zealot. A memorial was warped in from Auir in honor of the brave unit with a plaque reading: "Died scouting a Newbie." After mourning for 5 seconds I proceeded with my plan to go Dark Templar. I figured if I moved fast enough I could maybe sneak in a few Probe kills of my own before Observers came into the game.

Lucky had tried to scout me a few times, but I had a Zealot blocking the ramp, preventing him from seeing my tech route. In most Protoss vs Protoss match-ups, you usually see every kind of tech from both sides eventually. My goal was to kill him before that happened.

At the 5:30 mark my first DT was on the way to Lucky's main and a second close behind. During their journey I clicked back to my base, got lost in my own little Lego building world and before I could stop them from going too far, my Dark Templar attacked a Dragoon, alerting Lucky to my presence thus allowing him time to block his ramp with his troops. I decided to settle for killing his army while I figured out what to do next. It seemed Lucky's army consisted mostly of Dragoons with a few Zealots. That means he probably hasn't teched too much up the tech tree but that would probably change soon if I didn't get into his main and cause some damage. My pondering was interrupted as a Photon Cannon fired upon one of my Dark Templars, killing it.

I retreated my remaining Dark Templar just outside Lucky's natural where I had 4 more DTs waiting. Lucky unfortunately didn't know that and ran his Goons right into them, losing 2 and having several others lose their shields. I committed two to follow and see if he was trying to expand and I guessed right, he was trying to expand. One DT wandered too close to the cannons on the cliff but the other hopped away to the far side of the enemy Nexus, forcing Lucky to cancel it and wait for Observers to remove the menace.

I on the other hand had already taken my natural while the little charade up top was going on. I figured I'd keep him contained for as long as I could, pump out High Templars, Zealots, and Dragoons for a final showdown at his base and emerge victorious. Yes, my goal of killing Lucky was looking like it was about to be checked off my list rather soon, that is, until my DT at his natural went up in smoke as 10 angry Dragoons blasted him. Oh well, time to retreat my remaining Dark Templar before they met the same fate.

Things were looking pretty good, my Goon/Zeal army was an average size plus a few High Templar mixed in with Psionic storms at ready but not knowing what else to do with my last 3 Dark Templar, I sent them out to scout. The one heading to the 3 o'clock position was killed just outside the natural of that area and I fully believed Lucky was trying to pull a fast expansion on me. I ordered the bulk of my army to that area to destroy any colonization effort and unbeknownst to me, Lucky saw my troops moving towards that direction under the watchful eye of an Observer and sent his Dragoons up, left and then down the left hand side of the Temple to attack my expansion. The only reason why he was at the 3 Start was because he thought I was expanding there. While the main part of my army was exploring the 3 main, Luck struck although it wasn't in my favor. I immediately told my army to return to base as I set about microing the few defenders I had.

It wasn't much, a few Dragoons and two HT's but I was determined to make it work. As Lucky destroyed my defenses, my HT's let loose their furious Psionic Storms upon the Dragoons, forcing them to retreat into my army that was just arriving on the scene.

The first major clash between our races was held in my mineral only and lasted roughly 20 seconds with Lucky retreating. His army vastly out numbered mine but storm kept him from rushing in. So far we were pretty even, I had 0 weapons, 0 shields, 1 armor upgrades and he had 1-0-0 upgrades. I built another forge to make sure I would out-upgrade him in the future while creating a few more Gateways to ensure that all my money would go to good use.

Speaking of putting money to good use, I had almost 1000 minerals in the bank. I started building pylons and cannons at my mineral only to cover a Nexus while expanding at the 3 o'clock position because I figured Lucky would find it and send his army out to destroy it, leaving his base undefended so I could ravage it but if he never found it, so much the better. Everything turned out according to plan for just as the Nexus at 3 finished, Lucky attacked, but instead of attacking his main like I planned, I decided I really wanted to keep that expansion and sent my forces to defend. They were stopped at the ramp by Zealots and then hit from behind by a Dragoon army. Needless to say, my forces were confused, divided and then conquered in rapid succession. My expansion was quickly razed and left desolate with only the corpses of the defenders nearby to mourn its loss.

Never fear though because with 7 Gateways at my disposal I had quickly rebuilt my troop count up to a safe level, not to mention the small army of High Templar I had left defending my mineral only. Speaking of High Templar, I sent two of them in a shuttle to storm probes from the cliff overlooking Lucky's natural expansion. Unfortunately, I misclicked and killed only a few of the robotic miners and then lost my shuttle as it flew over Lucky's fully armed and operational mineral only expansion complete with Dragoon Anti-Shuttle defenders. Oh well. So much for that idea.

After accumulating a good sized force, I scouted the middle of the map with an Observer that promptly died, giving me detailed information as to where exactly the enemy army was entrenched. I figured I should attack while I knew where it was before I lost it again and so, in the name of Observer #4, I attacked. My upgrades were at 2-0-2 to his 1-0-1. Clearly in my favor and it showed as my Zealots tore through his forward Dragoons like white on rice. Sad thing though, I didn't know he had Archons behind those Dragoons and my Zealots met a most unfortunate fate meanwhile My HTs were storming like crazy but I mostly did more damage to my own troops as Lucky would just step back just a hair to watch me fry the rest of my Zealots into bacon. The current battle was a draw as both sides fled from the field but I only returned to base long enough to grab freshly made troops before heading right back into the fray.

My forces succeeded in routing his troops and chased them north right into a Photon Cannon field. My troops were ripped apart before I could pull them back and concluded that he must have expanded to the 12 o'clock expansion and natural. I knew it was only a matter of time before Lucky would reach critical mass, prevent me from expanding and then roll me over like a slow boiled ham covered in BBQ Sauce. I typed out "Good game". and left. Not wanting to try to stop the unstoppable. Thus, Game 1 goes to Lucky.

Here are some end game screenshots:

I want to give a shout out to Wakiki and Neoviper for proofreading my report. Thanks guys! You made a HUGE difference in how my report was written and edited. Another shout out to CaughtNaked for his HTML guide which helped me remember how to write HTML. Thanks CN. Miss ya buddy. I also want to thank Micro)Machine, LuckyNewbie, and Maareek for putting up with me on a daily basis.

I also wanted to mention that things are in the works to improve I strongly urge all of you to take part in this important process by answering LuckyNewbie's questions in the forum or suggesting ideas as they pop up in your head. With Starcraft 2 coming out in the near future it would make me feel proud to see this site become better then what it was when Brood War was released. We can do it together guys. Read up on the good players, report their games, report your games, get people excited about Starcraft again and then give them a reason to come to Why do you come here? Community? Reports? Replays? I come for all of the above. Newer visitors will want to have the same reasons to keep coming back. Let us give them what they want. Lets do it! I shall make a promise! I will commit myself to report games of top players and try to have somebody help me analyze the strategy involved to help generate interest for the site once more. Also, if ANY of you get into the Starcraft 2 Beta. Report it. Get screenshots. Do whatever you can to help the site out. If things keep going the way they are, I fear will become like and that would suck. Thanks for reading!


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