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"you are such an idiot its astounding. like every other newb on the site you assume that the only reason you get bad ratings is because you are new or unknown. shut the fuck up. if your reports get 2s, please dont be a major league retard and assume it was because someone didnt read it, or didnt like you. it was because your reports were ass k?" - Dr.Awesome

Real-Time DiabloII, Part Two
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Date: 06/05/07 01:06
Game Type: Other
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And the Beat Goes On

Well after a short intermission (which had nothing to do with getting involved with making another character and playing it too much...I assure you), I believe it's time to get back into the tales of Necky_Baby. As you may remember, he and his band of merry undead had just sent Andariel back to the burning hells and took the caravan east to Lut Gholein. Shortly, we will rejoin them, as their adventures take them ever closer to battling the Prime Evils.

This report will be more or less in the same fashion as the last one. Any technical game mechanics issues you ask will be included on this page (which will be referred to as an FAQ for lack of a better term on my part) while the report will be in a file linked to from here. As before, any advice, questions, or comments are greatly welcomed and will be evaluated and responded to accordingly by me or by any of the trained monkeys I have assigned writing duties to.

There's no real introductory info in this report as everything gear and skill wise is the same as at the end of the last report. If you aren't familiar with that, then get familiar with it now.

Enough Blabbering...

Let's move on to the reason everyone is here. The report may be found here:


-<3, maar

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