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All Hail King Lucky 2
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Date: 06/08/07 02:06
Game Type: Starcraft
Labels:Starcraft(2), Series(2)
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All Hail King Lucky 2

Welcome back to the second installment of the "All Hail King Lucky" series. Last game was a PvP extravaganza that ended prematurely due to my inability to play Starcraft or maybe it was because Lucky was just insanely good at playing Protross when intoxicated. I would never really find out the truth of that statement but I challenged Lucky to a rematch anyways and he readily agreed. His eagerness made me wary because he either wanted to keep drinking and show how bad ass he was or maybe he just wanted to keep drinking. I dunno.

The map we were to play was the infamous Lost Temple, the site of our last battle. I again picked the Protoss as my race of choice and secured the 6 o'clock main while Lucky randomed, receiving the party-going Terrans at the 12 o'clock start. I again started out doing my Protoss vs Random strategy but luckily this game I managed to find my opponent sooner then I expected and instead of finding a normal Terran wall-in, I found 2 Barracks building and no refinery started yet.

This had me worried that Lucky might try a marine build which is when a Terran invests heavily into Marines and Medics in the early game vs Protoss. The strategy behind that is, usually a Protoss will tech straight for Dragoons and try to break the Terran wall before Tanks arrive on the scene, or expand under said Dragoon protection. Marines with Medic support do surprisenly well vs Dragoons since Goons only do half damage to small targets like Marines; plus Marines can stim and focus fire, killing Dragoons within seconds under such concentrated fire. I was only slightly relieved when Lucky said: "Oh? I thought you were Zerg for some reason".

I would be in big trouble soon if I didn't get something that slaughtered Marines. I debated between the High Templar and Dark Templar tech or the Reaver tech as both have pros and cons. Storm would be useful vs Marines and Tanks (Which were sure to come later) not to mention using Dark Templar to sneak behind enemy lines to do fear factor damage. I ended up choosing the Reaver tech for 3 reasons: Reavers are awesome, my name has the word Reaver in it, and plus the Robotics Facility would closely be followed by an Observatory to keep tabs on the Terran war machine and help spot mines if Lucky decides to switch gears to full metal.

With my future tech decided, I needed to prevent Lucky from scouting my base and create meat shields for the future Slug. I warped in a small force of Zealots to block my ramp before producing a few Dragoons for their ranged attacks. Time was a huge factor here because if my Reaver came too late to help support my army, I would lose not only my army but the Reaver would die quickly without protection. While my Robotics Bay was building, my scouting Probe that I left near Lucky's main detected movement, I reacted quickly and moved him left toward Lucky's mineral only, waited a few seconds for the army to pass, and then moved him into Lucky's natural to watch for a future expansion. Now that I had accomplished that, I needed to worry about the full control group of Marines with Medic support heading toward my base. I needed more time and the only way I would be able to do that was do something that Maareek had done in his last BW report, which was attacking the enemy and let him slowly push you back until you have the time or units you need to face him head on.

I charged my Zealots down the ramp and north to face the Marines but ran into an SCV instead. I wasn't quite sure what to make of the situation and retreated after taking a few swipes at the little bugger. Did he build a bunker at my mineral only? Was he going to camp? Maybe he would bunker push me? Because if he was going to do that then no need to waste my Zealots because a Reaver makes short work of static defense when the AI doesn't completely screw you over. Sadly, that was not the case as the SCV returned with his gun totting, beer drinking, Medic whoring buddies behind him.

I had two Dragoons above on my ramp and my four Zealots below, I could win this if luck was on my side for a change and when the two forces engaged I was hopeful because my Zealots were doing quite a bit of damage to the Marines but of course, Dragoon AI had to screw me over because only one of them was firing while the other ran around like a headless chicken. I managed to bring the Marine force down to just four Marines (Lucky hadn't researched stim yet) before my Zealots bit the dust. I figured two Dragoons should be able to take out four Marines if I focused fired but no, one Dragoon charged the Marines while the other fled the other way BACK UP the ramp. The lone Dragoon was quickly disposed of as I retreated the other one since my Reaver was ready about to emerge from the Facility and would need something to help protect it. I also had constructed a shuttle to help fly the robotic Slug around since it was too lazy to walk anywhere by itself.

Lucky reinforced his attack by constructing two Bunkers within range of my base and used said Bunkers to their fullest potential by putting his Marines inside. (Who knew Lucky was capable of such Micro?) An outlying Pylon was destroyed and the Gateways soon fell under siege. I was creating Zealots as fast as I could only to watch them die in a blink of an eye. Things weren't looking great as Lucky continued to focus on my Gateways and their supporting Pylons but FINALLY my Reaver was brought into play as more Marines arrived on the scene. The Reaver eliminated two SCVs that were repairing a Bunker and hopped back into it's shuttle as 3 rather angry Marines stimmed and rushed forward to attack. My Dragoon that I kept in reserve became the new target as he soaked up Gauss rounds like a sponge, allowing the Reaver to exit the Shuttle unmolested and blow them to smithereens.

The Bunker was the next to go as Marines jumped out of the exploding building and ran as fast as they could to the next one, but Reaver AI was on my side this game as a scarab that was stuck behind a Gateway freed itself and quickly caught up to the Marines and a newly arrived Vulture bike, blowing it and one Marine sky high and then suddenly a second scarab was fired and killed the rest of the Marines JUST before they entered the bunker. There was much rejoicing on my part.

During the battle Lucky had almost finished a Command Center in his Natural. The Probe that was left there was quickly ordered to build a Pylon and Cannons to help stave off the expansion attempt but two Marines were all Lucky needed to silence the threat. I didn't really put much thought into that though as my Reaver and two Zealot escorts were already en route via Shuttle to the enemy. The Shuttled entered the base between a huge gap of Missile turrets and in my stupidity, dropped the Reaver first instead of a Zealot to soak up any mines or siege tank fire. My Reaver landed and was blown to pieces by Arclite fire before doing anything useful.

The remaining Zealots just wandered around killing a turret and a few SCVs before dying but they did their job. As the last Zealot puffed into smoke, my tiny army of two Zealots and a Dragoon had entered Lucky's base to return the favor of wrecking carnage. I reinforced with two more Zealots during the battle and laughed as Lucky attacked his own buildings at random times. While I failed to cause any real damage, it put Lucky on a slightly more defensive posture during which I was allowed to expand to my Natural without fear of a counter-attack.

A calm settled over the Lost Temple as both sides rebuilt. I constructed another Reaver and Shuttle for defensive purposes while dropping a Probe on my cliff to build Pylons and Cannons to prevent any Siege tank drops, Observers were sent out to check for expansions as my natural came online. As Probes were transfered, my Dragoons opened fire on some Vultures laying mines. An attack was commencing! Lucky probably had his Siege tanks ready to blast me to bits if I charged now and without an Observer to help kill some of the mines it would be fruitless endevour. I was forced to wait for another Observer to build.

I was rather frustrated though because the more time I gave to Lucky to entrench himself, the harder it would be to remove him and as soon as my Observer arrived I charged in. Things would have been grim for me if I had attacked any later for an SCV was about to complete a Bunker. The leading Zealot sacrificed himself to remove the mines as my Reaver flew right into the middle of a group of waiting Marines. I dropped off some Zealots first to take fire and then, as the Bunker was finished and the Marines were about to enter, the Reaver scored a direct hit in the middle of the group, killing them all. Again, there was much rejoicing.

Ironicly though two hilarious things happened during that battle, Lucky once again shot his own units, namely a Siege tank and my Reaver almost died to an SCV which probably would have had Maareek rolling on the ground in laughter. I'm notorious for losing prized units to the nimble workers. The remaining Terran forces were mopped up and disposed of.

I flew my Reaver up to the 3 o'clock main to kill an SCV that was milling around and to trick Lucky into thinking I might drop his Natural as I returned him to base. Things quieted down again and I decided on taking my Mineral only when my Observer saw something flying towards the top left island. I didn't get a good look but I didn't want to send my Observer after it in case I missed an incoming drop. I dropped off my Reaver and loaded up two Dragoons to inspect the UFO. Upon landing at the island it was just a Barracks, looking quite depressed and lonely. I shot it to lighten (Get it? Fire? Light?) up it's mood and to annoy Lucky with the "Your Base is under attack!" message. Since I saw that Barracks flying around it must mean that Lucky has switched to full Metal and I should probably start building more Gateways to out produce him.

While a Probe was building more Gateways, my Mineral only Nexus came online so I maynarded my Probes from my now dry Main over there while creating a few more at my Natural. Suddenly, I saw movement from one of my forward Observers. Incoming Dropship!!! I wasn't sure if Lucky knew about the Cannons on my cliff but I decided to send some Dragoons to the little nook just above my natural to help with defense. Just as my Dragoons arrived so did the Dropship, deploying two Siege tanks which sieged and blasted a Cannon to dust before being taken out. That shouldn't have been so easy but then again, Lucky was drunk or in the process of drinking so maybe he wasn't thinking clearly.

I decided that some payback was in order as I loaded up my Reaver in a Shuttle with two Zealots to join the other Shuttle that contained two Dragoons for a raid on Lucky's just made Mineral only expansion. I figured by the time my Shuttles reached the base, SCVs would just be arriving to their slaughter. As my flying task force headed out I had to immediately recall them because three red Dropships were on the way to my Natural and this time I knew Lucky meant business. My Shuttle with the Reaver on board was the first to arrive as Dropships unloaded four siege tanks and four vultures on my cliff, engaging the Cannon defenses. Unfortunately for the Terran commander, he didn't notice my Reaver being off loaded and in two scarab attacks his drop force was destroyed with no losses on my side. Continuing on, two of his Dropships were blown out of the sky, leaving one Dropship in the red to escape.

Feeling this was my time to counter-attack, I loaded up two more Dragoons into a newly made Shuttle and flew my pimp squad of four Goons, two Zealots, and one Reaver toward the 3 o'clock main where Lucky's remaining pimp squad of M&Ms were holed up. On the way I ran into an expansion in the 3 Natural and quickly demolished it and the SCV working there. Fearing a retaliation attack, I loaded my forces back up and sent them back to base. That was enough of a counter-attack for me. Pop the shampane guys!

Again my Observers saw movement. Lucky was sending a good sized attack force down the middle of the Temple. It would be a tough battle indeed since I was without speed upgraded Zealots but during the attacks on my Natural, I had constructed a Citadel of Adun and a Templar Archives which allowed me to bring the deadly Dark Templar into the battle. Failing to see any Science Vessels or Missile turrets, I created two of the stealthed warriors to engage Lucky's army. As luck would have it, the Newbie laid Spider mines just seconds before my Dark Templar arrived, and it worked out for my benefit. As one DT chased a Tank, he triggered a mine taking a direct hit but destroying a good chunk of Vultures in the process.

The other DT was happily chopping away at another fleeing Siege tank. Seeing Lucky retreat had me order an all out assault and every available warrior was ordered to the front line. The whore squad (The Marines) made an apperence only long enough to get blasted by my Reaver. As I pushed the attack, Lucky typed out "GG" and bowed out. Leaving me the victor of Game 2.

Here are the end game screen shots.

Thanks again everybody for reading my report! Hope you all enjoyed it! Thanks to Raider for the comment on adding more humor and flair to the report. I hope I was able to bring out a few chuckles or at least make you crack a smile and make the report slightly better overall. Thanks to Neoviper for proofreading. Game 3 will be out soon and it will shock and amaze you all! Can Lucky keep drinking and playing Starcraft at the same time? Find out in the next installment of: "All Hail King Lucky".


P.S. The GIF animation was my first time ever working with the program. Hopefully, my skills with that will improve over the next few Battlereports. Also check this out! ~Nohunters actually had PEOPLE in it.

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