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"The drone is sliced up and collapses in that way drones collapse when they for some reason don't explode"

All Hail King Lucky 3
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Date: 07/02/07 03:07
Game Type: Starcraft
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All Hail King Lucky 3

This is it. The Finale. Game 3. The match you've all been waiting for. Let's get ready to rumble!

Lost Temple was again the map of choice to finish the war that started amongst the noble Protoss of Psyonic_Reaver and LuckyNewbie's random races of choice. The match-up of this game was, once again, me at the 6 o'clock position while Lucky randomed Zerg at the 3 o'clock start. Fun little fact in case you haven't picked up on it, Lucky has started each game at a different position with a different race each time while I've been stuck in the same spot. Let's just say The Newbster didn't have to scout too hard to find me this game.

I began the game with the same vs random build in mind, as I had been doing the last two games, but when my 7th Probe scouted the 3 o'clock and found Lucky's Zerg already creeping about. I debated on what to do... I already had a Gateway in my base but no Assimilator yet, Should I late 2 Gate rush? Expand myself? Tech? Since I was so close to Lucky I knew I had to rush but I decided to be cheesy about it. My scouting Probe placed a Pylon in the center of the Lost Temple while I simultaneously built a forge at home to construct cannons to help protect my Mineral line if Lucky decides to counter my Main. I smirked at my cleverness. This will be great! Lucky won't even know what's coming.

Unfortunately, even Lucky gets lucky and his scouting Drone finds my little Outpost while on it's way to my main. Since I had already placed the Pylon and now warping Gateway, I continued on with my build. This is just how stubborn I am. *Or stupid*

I had completed a Zealot at home and sent him towards the Outpost, knowing Zerglings will probably arrive soon to destroy my investment. My timing couldn't have been better for the Zealot arrived just as four Zerglings appeared and started attacking my Pylon. We danced a bit around the Pylon until a reinforcing Zealot and one newly created Zealot forced Lucky to retreat his Zerglings. I built another Pylon and another Gateway at my Outpost while my Forged was being completed back at home.

I attacked as soon as the Probe started the Gateway and met Lucky at his ramp, he had nine Zerglings to my three Zealots and Probe. The Newbster knew if he fought me face to face he would, without a doubt, lose. Wasting no time he deftly retreated his Zerglings to the far side of his expansion where a Sunken Colony was still building. My Zealots followed until I ordered them back, I didn't want to risk fighting by a Sunken just yet so I sent one Zealot and a Probe escort into Lucky's main while the other two blocked the ramp. I figured the lone Zealot would be able to pick off a few Drones and hamper Lucky's economy since his Expansion had no Drones as of yet.

What sucked about that plan is Lucky already had a Sunken Colony and four Zerglings waiting for my little raiding party. The poor Zealot was torn apart before I could blink while the Probe gave a defeated beep before falling apart to the rabid dogs. The Zealots at the ramp didn't fair much better, only managing to exterminate four Zerglings before dying.

I had two Zealots stationed at my Outpost when I saw Lucky's remaining Zerglings running toward my main. Now the small force of Zerglings really couldn't do much but I had a Zealot and a Probe block the ramp just in case and I watched in satisfaction as the Zerglings milled around below the ramp for a few seconds before they ran back North.

I now had four Zealots at my Outpost so I figured they could more then hold their own against the few Zerglings Lucky had at the time and I was right, the Zerglings did a flyby of the Outpost before returning to their own creep covered land.

Seeing the low Zergling count, I assumed he was building Drones to help get his Expansion going, therefore, I massed up a few more Zealots before moving in for the kill. En route, I saw at the very edge of the fog of war, some Zerglings heading north. Was he moving around to flank or to attack my Outpost? In any case, I needed to remove those Zerglings to prevent either secnario from happening and retreated my army north in pursuit of the Zerglings. No sooner then I had done so, a wave of Zerglings descended upon my Pylons, desperately trying to cut power to my Gateways. Upon seeing the Zealots return though, Lucky quickly flew south.

A Cannon completed at my main base, drasticly increasing my defense in the area, but I soon realized I made a HUGE mistake in my building placement. While my mineral line was protected, my Gateway and Pylon were far out of reach. If Lucky realized that, he would cut my troop production big time. Knowing my main Zealot task force wouldn't make it home in time to do anything useful, I sent them to attack Lucky's Natural.

Two battles were waged. My Zealots crushed through the few defending Zerglings and one outlying Sunken Colony before going for the last remaining Sunken near the Hatchery. What happened next is something I still can't believe occured. Lucky used his Drones to push my Zealots around, causing them to run back and forth. This allowed only a few to attack the Sunken while the rest of the Zealots wandered around trying to get out of the Drone's way. I began clicking intensely to get them to stop, or attack, or do SOMETHING! But alas, the AI was bugged and a reinforcing wave of Zerglings crushed the poor Zealots.

Meanwhile, my main did fairly well, Lucky didn't attack the Gateway or Pylon but went right for the cannon, losing every Zergling he had as my Probes blocked them and counterattacked. One Zealot fell, defending the Cannon with his very life. I knew I needed to place another cannon down quickly to cover my Gateway but I also needed the money to replace the troops I just embarrassedly lost.

But it was too late, more Zerglings moved with frightening speed into my base (Lucky must have upgraded Zergling Speed) and destroyed the Pylon and Gateway before the Cannon could finish warping. The Zerglings were defeated but at a cost to my production ability.

Knowing I had little time before Lucky massed more Zerglings, I attacked with a crack strike team of Zealots but, again, I was denied entrance to Lucky's Natural by two Sunkens and a whole crapload of Zerglings. Looks like Lucky's Expansion was finally helping him to gain an edge. I retreated and began to wonder what the heck I should do. Reavers or Templar would be nice but I didn't have much gas since I had only started it a short time ago, not to mention I needed every mineral to produce Zealots. Suddenly, a huge purple blotch of Zerglings entered my mineral line and began attacking anything and everything in sight, but they quickly retreated as Cannons were thinning out the savage troops quickly.

Thinking Lucky's main was defenseless during the battle, I foolishly attacked and lost my remaining Zealots while tearing my hair out to see a Sunken at only 12hp, that's just sad. Lucky, having enough of this foolish, drunken game he was playing, sent all his Zerglings to crush my now defenseless Outpost. I microed a Dragoon around to amuse myself before conceding the game to Lucky.

Well, there you have it. The reason why Lucky is our King and Lord at All shall fear. All shall bow. All shall rever the name... LuckyNewbie.

Thanks for reading and also, thanks to all those whom have left comments and written reports of their own. Again, please don't be shy to write. I know my writing isn't high caliber but I write because I like doing it. I like helping the site stay active and give people a reason to visit. As I said before, things are in the works and with SC2 coming out soon, I know the site will pick back up again. Have a good one everybody


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